Episode 171 – BananaRanders

The Banana Republic of Randy – he’s out of control! Welcome to Episode 171 and returning to TRDS is Walter from Walter’s Wall of Woe! Rem comes out hot, firing off a response to Jules’ appearance on The Instance; Randy interrupts; Catching up with Walter; Randy interrupts; Trevor tells his story of that fateful first appearance; Randy interrupts; Fake News: The Game with Tanks; Randy interrupts; Rem talks He-Man, Walter talks MCU; Randy interrupts; Thinking With Your Dickman involves a third testicle; Randy interrupts; Our weekly Rick & Morty review; and much more! Don’t miss this one because your friends are listening to it and you don’t want to be left out, do you?

Episode 170 – Pixar Face

Episode 170 and it’s Rem & Randy Ramblin’! We’re talking neck hairs and the last ten weeks; Ohio has Presidents and Connecticut schools them; Randy’s roommate; Podcast history; The Blizzard lawsuit; Rem’s favorite quote; Thinking With Your Dickman; Rem goes to the Dentist; Randy went to local wrestling; Jesus Christ The Wrestler; Rick & Morty review; Revisiting Episode 0; Listening to another podcast; and so much more! Don’t miss out and definitely don’t sleep on this one!

Episode 169 – The Biggest Loser

Sexy 169 and we celebrate with Travis of RoastMortemCast! We have a huge contest announcement! Adam from Houston invites himself in; Fake News: The Game; We learn more about Travis; Travis teaches us history; Content mills and their effects on people; Rock & Morty review; Voicemails; When your having fun but your dick isn’t; Rem’s thoughts on body positivity; and so much more! Do NOT miss this one and check out Travis on RoastMortem!

Episode 168 – Wedding Aficionado

Heart of Tanks joins for his birthday! And we have huge news! We talk Rem’s demands for a wedding; Rem gives advice; Randy gives better advice; The Greek Alphabet; Randy-Tanks; Randy yells at Tanks; What is authentic cuisine?; Streaming ServicesBeing Assholes; Fixing society; Voicemails; Rick & Morty Review; Randy yells at Tanks again; and so much more! This is a fun one – check it out!

Episode 167 – Wrestling Inc

Episode 167 is sliding down your ear canal and with it brings one of Rem and Randy’s true loves – pro wrestling! Zach Perez of Wrestling Inc joins the crew to talk about crazy internet wrestling fans; Getting started writing online’ wrestling experiences and memories; Dick of the Week gets pissed; Thinking With Your Dickman goes wrong; Canceling Macho Man; Voicemails; An AI Phone Call; Rick & Morty; Randy finds a local promotion; Rem knows more about where Zach lives than Zach does; and much more! Mark out!

Episode 166 – F*ck Those Dinosaurs

In his continuing game of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”, Rem brings Walter and Trevor onto TRDS! We learn about working at the Renn Faire; What it takes to do internet radio; Rich Dickman Radio?; Tanks is back with Fake News: The Game; A very disturbing Dick of the Week; Walter remembers City Slickers; CT is legalizing; Thinking With Your Dickman about GPS and strippers; Is Trevor okay?; and more! Don’t miss this one and be sure to check out Walter’s Wall of Woe!

Episode 165 – Podcast Network

Episode 165 is here and we’ve got dueling Definitely Not Main Hosts! Flow Euphoria and Joe Schmoe! We talk crazy internet things; Randy delivered bread; The problem with toilet seats; Queen of Canada; Dick of the Week with 39 wives; TWYD – weird OnlyFans; War Machine (and not the one you’re thinking of; CT is legalizing; and many more shenanigans. Be sure to check this episode out before any other!

Episode 164 – Manzillian

Joining the crew this week is Sara Star as she sits in to Definitely Not Main Host! Sara returns with stories from her west coast swing; Rem talks 80’s & 90’s; Fake News: The Game; Body hair preferences; sex as recreation; Thinking With Your Bananas?; Kids and masks; Doing projects with Sara; Dick of the Week; Voicemails & Emails; and more! Don’t miss this one – Sara is always a Star!

Episode 163 – A Very Spaghetti Birthday

Happy Birthday to our very own former intern, Spaghetti! Spaghetti is Definitely Not Main Hosting tonight as a birthday gift. His surprise doesn’t show up but Adam, Slice, Tanks, and Patron Iqra do! Rem has no friends; Turning 18 in 2021; Rem gives life advice; Randy’s Pizza Delivery Update; High School in 2021; Growing up – Then & Now; Lying for your kids; Thinking With Your Dickman; Valheim; Dick of the Week; Fake News: The Game; and so much more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 162 – Trash Day

Adam from Houston is Definitely Not Main Hosting on Episode 162 with Rem and Randy! Is TRDS going ASMR?; Piss Driblets; Can Rem make money on Cameo?; Delivering pizza to deaf people; is Covid over yet?; Ebola v Covid; Visiting Harlem and NYC Sanitation; TWYD – Heroin to quell diarrhea; Randy’s Dead Dad; DOTW; Valheim; CJ breaks up; and so much more! Don’t miss this one and be sure to check out Adam on Who Gives A Shit!

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