Episode 230 – $50 House Call Randy

Matt from the Not For Human Consumption podcast returns! We discuss his love of penis shaped foods, the etymology of “glizzy”, a new puppy, and more! Randy committed a hate crime and lost his job; Cody remembers Coolio; Rem remembers Michelle Pfeiffer; Randy yells at Cody; Adoption And Its Unintended Consequences; Video games; Streaming; Behind the NFHC scenes; and much, much more! This is a packed episode that goes long and because of that I can’t remember what we did! But I’m sure there was more, so check it out!

Episode 229 – King F*cker

Randy’s a bit under the weather and Cody’s trying to think of things to talk about, but that won’t stop Rem from insulting Fantasy Football! Fantasy Football sucks; Rem’s gambling journey (listen ‘til the end!); Cody has a recurring dream; Trying to identify ass; Randy tells some stories; TWYD – Your Boyfriend Likes OnlyFans and Taking Care Of Olds; Real Man Shit; plus even more stuff happens! Check it out!

Episode 228 – Kung-Fused Panda

Walter from Not For Human Consumption podcast returns! Apparently LSD isn’t bad! Randy’s high on Covid; Catching up on Marvel and why Peacemaker ruined it for Rem; Cody brings in a game for the boys to play; TWYD – selling nudes and leaving a cooking mess; Dick of the Week; Catching up with Walter; and more! Plus more than that but I’m getting really bad at write-ups!

Episode 227 – B(l)ong Winded

Hey there! No one really remembers what happened in this episode but we managed a few notes: Randy throws up; “You guys made me narrate f*cking essays” – Cody; Randy told some pizza stories; Cody describes the perfect killer; Rem said something cool; And even more stuff happened than that! What we do remember is having a hell of a time recording it so it must be something you’ll like listening to!

Episode 226 – Raw Uranus

Rem, Randy, and Cody are back again in an all new and hilarious episode! From Muckbang’s to Voodoo, and everything in between, these three awesome dudes take you on a verbal journey of their weeks and lives! DOTW is back with Svenson and TWID is asking about sharing wash cloths and washing salad bags. Randy got sick, Cody’s mom is in town, and Rem carries someones ashes! All this and more in an all new episode of The Rich Dickman Show!

Episode 225 – Government Sponsored Wii

A big return for 225 – Steven R. Dickman! Steven joins the gang this week to hang out and talk trash, maybe take names, but definitely kick some ass! We get TRDS updates; What’s happening with Randy’s loans?; Cody’s gaming of the system; The Inconvenience of Conservation; Dealing with assholes; New segment ideas; Thinking With Your Dickman about lakes; Dick of the Week – Keys, Twerking, and Tony Khan; The Curse of Man; Randy’s Big Announcement; and so much more! You don’t want to miss this one – it’ll make you laugh!

Episode 224 – Pink Eye To Brown Eye

Episode 224 is here and two of the three gentlemen have not slept in a couple of days! Cody went snorkeling; Rem is willing to donate his poo; Randy is using the TRDS name to sponsor wrestling; Rem’s gambling addiction and Randy’s fantasy sports; Randy’s AI art addiction; Rem’s kids Creator’s War; New Covid guidance from the CDC; Thinking With Your Dickman returns!; Dick of the Week returns!; Cold Fries at McDonald’s and 110 Feet of hair! All of this and so much more on this week’s all new episode of The Rich Dickman Show!

Episode 223a – Podultery

Cody returns and so does TRDS! After some issues last week, the full crew is back and we explain what happened! Cody took a trip and found himself on NFHC; We delve into all of that; Fun vomit stories; Jack the Intern leaves, Steven Dickman gives an update; Racism in Hawaii; Cody’s vacation wrap-up; Toxic Masculinity and the Inability to Clean Ones Ass; Rem is a pro at re-framing; Experiencing loss to stupid things; Hot Dogs; Planning a trip to Ohio; and more! A week off is what we needed – so get in there and have a laugh!

Episode 222 – Ready To Show Up

Episode 222 is live on the feeds and we’re bringing you something new! A call-in guest! AJ from Cincy Wrestling joins us for a bit to talk about Cincy Wrestling, being a wrestling promoter, behind the scenes “stuff”, and we even begin to brainstorm “Large Individual”!

Cody’s been eating too much; Rem couldn’t sleep and thought about his friends; What if you couldn’t use your hands?; Rem’s kids are content competitors; Rem’s pending retirement and how it affects Randy’s “plan”; How to be a happy creator; Laying down the internet rules for the kids; Being a “shy pee-er”; Randy peed himself; piss etiquette; and much more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 221 – Your Politics Are Suck

Episode 221 is upon us and we’ve got some catching up to do! Sara Star returns to talk about her Miami adventures and her new VR scenes and camera! Cody got swatted?; Cody’s Medal of Honor; Rem has ideas for Sara’s new camera; The dangers of VR; Cookies; Why New Jersey Is The Worst Place On Earth; Stealing from Walmart; Rem’s NASCAR stories; Svenson tried to call out a member of the show but the turns are tabled!; Rem’s chicken wings; Sara’s jackfruit; Randy pissed himself; Sara’s cat makes an appearance; Randy is a test subject; comedy shows; and so much more! This is a big one packed full of fun, so don’t miss it!

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