Episode 252 – Jorts of Turin

In this wild and raunchy episode, Rem, Randy, and Cody let loose and talk about whatever the hell they want. They dive into some nerdy shit with Positronic Bitflipping that scares the living fuck out of all three of them. Randy is sick and tired of Linux, and he’s not afraid to tell you all about it. Cody spills the beans about some crazy-ass stories from his time in the industry, while Rem’s kid sings about getting drunk and high with Coldplay (what the fuck?). Out of nowhere, Cody goes on a weird-ass rant about kids that’ll leave you scratching your head. And oh yeah, he used to work with Jack Osborne (who gives a shit?).

But things really heat up when Randy starts telling his story about his strip club victory party (which I’ll spare you the details, but trust me, it’s fucking hilarious). They also bring back the Jesus AI Art segment, where they pit Jesus against a pro wrestler (holy shit, you have to hear this). Plus, they give some damn good advice during their Thinking With Your Dickman segment, including fashion tips from Rem, crap-getting-rid-of tips from Cody, and some great ideas from Randy.

And of course, you can’t forget about their Dick of the Week nominees. This episode is full of offensive and hilarious content that’ll have you pissing your pants with laughter. So if you want to hear more, head over to RichDickman.com and fucking listen already!

Episode 221 – Your Politics Are Suck

Episode 221 is upon us and we’ve got some catching up to do! Sara Star returns to talk about her Miami adventures and her new VR scenes and camera! Cody got swatted?; Cody’s Medal of Honor; Rem has ideas for Sara’s new camera; The dangers of VR; Cookies; Why New Jersey Is The Worst Place On Earth; Stealing from Walmart; Rem’s NASCAR stories; Svenson tried to call out a member of the show but the turns are tabled!; Rem’s chicken wings; Sara’s jackfruit; Randy pissed himself; Sara’s cat makes an appearance; Randy is a test subject; comedy shows; and so much more! This is a big one packed full of fun, so don’t miss it!

Episode 214 – We’re Live!

We’re Live! And in Person! Episode 214 emanates from the fabulous Hilton Garden Inn in Wallingford, CT, as Rem and Randy join Cody in his hotel room to broadcast together, for the first time ever, together and in person! (Since we were all so excited, there’s some audio issues – not terrible, but they exist and we apologize) Listen in as Cody and Randy detail the struggles it took to get there; Ritual Bestowing Of The Gifts; going out to dinner; Visiting Massachusetts; Ali G; Randy went to get a pizza; Cody loves the laws in CT; Women’s clothing sizes; and so much more fun. This was an amazing experience and we had an absolute blast recording and being able to bring this to you!

Episode 212 – Rem Does Sara’s VR

Sara Star returns to discuss her trip to Exxxotica in Chicago! Rem asks the hard hitting questions and previews a clip of Sara Star’s new Virtual Reality video! We also discuss the “interesting” visitors a porn convention attracts. Pepsi Nitro; Rem and Randy pitch sci-fi ideas to Cody; Rem went to Raw; Ben & Jerry’s ruined ice cream; A discussion on circumcision; Some stupid ducks fell into a storm drain; How much gambling is too much gambling?; The VR market and the Metaverse kinda sucks; and more! Be sure to check out Sara Star!

Episode 211 – Big Bidet

Guess who’s back?! Steven R Dickman returns once more to join the boys and provide some behind the scenes perspective! We’ve got an update on our Ukrainian Fundraiser; Rem’s taking a virtual class; Cody got an iWatch; Sniffing Restrooms; Ideal images of people; TWYD returns!; Duck of the Week?; Planning the CT trip; Steven reviews future content that may be coming to the channel; DOTW returns; Scam calls; Voicemails; and Bidet: How I Learned To Fall In Love With Washing My Ass. All this and more! Get the F in there!

Episode 208 – Cody-ashi Maru

Brought to you by Randy’s Dynavap.

208 brings it’s presents to all who are present! Cody had an adventure that we don’t get to; Randy has new toys; Sara Star returns and has new toys of her own!; Cancel culture is older than we think; Sara tells us about The Boogeyman and dick ratings; What is Panspermia?; Cody explains the Kobyashi Maru; Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter; Sara is going to Exxotica; Will Rem and Cody produce a porn?; nipple piercings; and more! Check out this episode and be sure to check out Sara!

Episode 203 – Wonder Bread

This week we’re squishing bread on 203! Sara Star returns to talk about some of the weird requests she’s received. We also learn about her night out and begin to plan her next exclusive TRDS production! Is it okay to hate a certain nationality?; Rem traveled and has TSA experience; Cody lost his glasses; Stoly; Cody has a new hobby; Porny music video; Boobies for Ukraine; We devise a way to stop Putin; Voicemails; and much more! This was a blast, so be sure to check it out!

Sara’s All My Links!

Episode 137 – Second Place Penis

Press Play – Sara’s in here. 😉

It’s finally here – Episode 137! Rem & Ray are joined by special guest Sara Star; Rem foreshadows; porn gets dangerous; creating TRDS porn; reminiscing about D.A.R.E.; weighted blankets; Celine Baron dancing; Rem & Randy drone on about wrestling; Randy gags so much it makes Rem’s foreshadowing come full circle. That and so much more on this weeks episode!

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