Episode 130 – Personal Experience

Episode 130! Adam from Houston returns to spike a rating and talk prison! But first, Rem has a rebuttal to The Personal Experience Podcast! The tooth fairy visits Ray; Ray thinks Huell is a valet; Adam got a soundboard; Rem is forced into election predictions; Rem can sew; Legal marijuana and stocks; Matty from Australia wakes up in time to say hi; Adam got on The Dick Show; Adam talks prison experience and tells prison stories; Thinking With Your Dickman; HDNB’s Dick of the Year nomination; and so much more! You don’t want to miss this one!

Episode 128 – Mr Porno Man

It’s Episode 128 and finally, after long last, Mr Porno Man makes an appearance on the show! (Just fast forward through the coronavirus talk)

Rem explains why young men are stupid; Bong insurance; Rem is mad at coronavirus; Unwanted conversation guests; Voter fraud; Aussie update; THE MR PORNO MAN INTERVIEW; Dick of the Week returns; Thinking With Your Dickman about piranhas; and so much more fun!

Get in on this episode, Dickman Fans! You don’t want to miss it!

Episode 127 – Solving Problems

In The United States of Rich Dickman, Rem and Ray set aside their differences for a bipartisan approach to solving problems. And boy howdy, do they solve them! The science of napping; Rem got 100 bucks; Producer Ryan got a dog; Recognizing people in masks; Failure to follow directions; Ray sleeps with ants; Reneging on porn contracts; TWYD – Mental Illness; Voicemail; Rem rants; Executive Producer Randy calls in; and so much more!

And stay till the very end. You don’t want to miss it!

Episode 126 – Big Fat Buds

This week it’s ‘What Could Have Been’ as Jay from The NFHC Podcast finally hops on board the TRDS train! Take a trip to Arizona and learn what it’s like to live in Minecraft; Learn all about cannabis cultivation; Weekly Segments return!; Randy gives bad investment advice; Growing a beard; How to handle bad roosters; Backing over a gas pump; Voicemails; and so much more! Get in there – hope you like dogs!

Check out Jay on The Not For Human Consumption Podcast, every Tuesday!

Episode 125 – Fuggo

Seeking balance, Rem & Ray are joined this week by HDNB, who brings a refreshing new perspective. Matty sucks; Catching up with Mars; Phytt is alive?; RBG; Ray is a feminist; Toilet inventions; Spaghetti sucks at trolling; Rem makes more cooking videos; Ray ignored Rem; TWYD – How to be a male pornstar; HDNB shows off her news reading skills for DOTW; How much money to disappear?; Mr HDNB making pizza; Rem’s father berates his workers; Voicemails; Rem forgot to do Svenson’s new segment; the Washington Monument is sexually oppressive; The downfall of society and so much more! HDNB shines in this all new episode!

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