Episode 264 – Employment Hydra

“Employment Hydra: Revelations, Redemption, and Hot Pockets”

In the latest episode of The Rich Dickman Show, Rem and Cody kick things off with a fireside chat that sets the tone for an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of unexpected twists and turns. However, there’s one noticeable absence: Randy. The burning question arises: Did Randy get fired? Has anyone ever been fired from a podcast live on the air? The suspense is palpable as the hosts delve into the mystery.

But that’s not all! Cody shares a hilarious anecdote about his adventure at Pax East, and Mike, having ditched the sauce, brings a new level of intolerance for all things bullsh*t. As the episode progresses, we learn that Randy’s been a constant source of disappointment for Rem, making show production a challenging ordeal. And then, out of nowhere, chocolate enters the picture, becoming an unlikely accomplice in Randy’s downfall.

Hold on tight because the madness continues! Cody’s microphone sets off terrorism alarms at TSA, leading to an unforgettable airport ordeal. Meanwhile, Joe Biden takes a tumble, adding a political twist to the already wild mix. Rem’s Memorial Day proves to be a comedy of errors, involving heavy refrigerators, broken stoves, wasted money at Lowe’s Scratch and Dent, and even a lawnmower curse. Oh, the irony!

As Rem recounts his amusing encounter at a female comedy show, we can’t help but wonder what hijinks unfolded with that distracting audience member and her “stupid hands.” Randy’s gambling addiction takes center stage, leading to Rem’s relentless berating over fifty-dollar dog bowls and 500-dollar Yeti coolers. However, amidst the chaos, Rem offers Randy a lifeline, an alternative to his gambling death spiral.

Voicemails from Joanne in Iceland add an international flair, and Rem masterfully applies the latest Law of Power to his advantage. With a comedic touch, the show explores the fascinating world of Primitive Skills on YouTube, shattering Rem’s illusions about chainsaws and technology. And of course, what would The Rich Dickman Show be without the highly anticipated return of “What Would Jesus Draw?” The website may not be updated yet, but the imagination runs wild as Jesus himself is envisioned committing crimes with a Hot Pocket.

But that’s not all—prepare for a thrilling climax! Rem’s boundless excitement for the new Transformers movie is infectious, and he reveals his desire to see Jesus Christ as The Mandalorian. How will these visions manifest? Only by tuning in to this mind-bending episode will you uncover the answers!

Don’t miss out on the hilarious banter, unexpected revelations, and Rem’s infectious enthusiasm. Visit RichDickman.com for a treasure trove of past episodes and follow the show on Twitter @RichDickman. Brace yourself for an adventure that will leave you laughing, guessing, and eagerly awaiting the next installment of The Rich Dickman Show!

Cody’s John Wick Jesus
Rem’s Jesus Robbing A Bank With A Hot Pocket
Randy’s Jesus Selling Hot Pocket NFT’s
Rem’s Re-roll: Jesus Robbing A 7/11 With A Hot Pocket

Episode 263 – Flash Me Your Flavors

Title: Flash Me Your Flavors: The Rich Dickman Show Episode 263

Introduction: Welcome to the uproarious world of The Rich Dickman Show, where hosts Rem, Randy, and Cody dive headfirst into a mouthwatering adventure filled with chocolate, captivating stories, and a dash of madness. In Episode 263, the trio embarked on a live on-air taste test of the delectable Omnom Chocolate from Iceland. As their taste buds danced with joy, the hosts delved into captivating discussions ranging from the peculiar “My Way Killings” in the Philippines to heartwarming stories of familial achievements. Brace yourself for a wild ride through the latest Law of Power review, an eventful Dick of the Week, and technical mishaps that forced Rem and Randy to step up their game.

Paragraph 1: Prepare to indulge your senses as The Rich Dickman Show Episode 263 takes you on a tantalizing chocolate journey. Rem, Randy, and Cody couldn’t contain their excitement as they unwrapped the highly anticipated Omnom Chocolate from Iceland. With taste buds at the ready, they dived into a live on-air taste review, savoring every bite and sharing their delight with listeners. Join in on the fun and discover why this episode is a must-listen for all chocolate enthusiasts. A big shoutout goes to Omnom Chocolate (and Joanne) for generously sending their heavenly treats! Visit Omnom Chocolate’s website or find them on Twitter @OmnomChocolate for your own slice of chocolate paradise.

Paragraph 2: While indulging in chocolate bliss, the hosts of The Rich Dickman Show fearlessly explored intriguing global topics. Cody seized the moment to shed light on the bizarre “My Way Killings” phenomenon taking place in the Philippines, leaving listeners both astounded and intrigued. Rem then regaled the audience with an endearing tale of his son’s recent award, showcasing the pride and joy that comes with familial achievements. This episode combines the perfect blend of lighthearted banter and thought-provoking discussions, keeping you hooked from start to finish.

Paragraph 3: Hold on tight as the laughter continues with Randy’s wild antics and another unforgettable Dick of the Week segment. The lovable troublemaker, Randy, found himself in the midst of yet another misadventure as Svenson, a recurring caller, shared a jaw-dropping story about a Hot-Pocket-related incident involving a gunshot to the rear end! Brace yourself for the outrageous twists and turns that will leave you in stitches. The Rich Dickman Show never fails to deliver unexpected hilarity, and Episode 263 is no exception.

Paragraph 4: Technical difficulties may have tried to steal the spotlight, but Rem and Randy rose to the occasion, showcasing their resilience and wit. Cody faced a barrage of technical glitches, which inadvertently elevated the chemistry between Rem and Randy. Stepping up their game, the dynamic duo took charge, flawlessly navigating the show and captivating listeners with their entertaining banter. Witness the hosts’ ability to adapt and turn unexpected challenges into memorable moments that keep the energy high and the laughter rolling.

Paragraph 5: The Rich Dickman Show Episode 263 is an unforgettable rollercoaster ride that promises laughter, fascinating stories, and the sheer joy of indulging in extraordinary chocolate. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, this episode is a must-listen. Join the hosts on their hilarious escapades, delve into intriguing global discussions, and witness their unwavering ability to turn mishaps into golden moments. Remember to follow The Rich Dickman Show on Twitter @RichDickmanShow and explore their website at RichDickman.com to stay up to date with their latest antics and adventures.

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Episode 262 – Well-Readed Randy

Slap your headphones on and brace your tender ear holes for Episode 262 of the Rich Dickman Show: “Well-Readed Randy.” This shitshow of a podcast drops a hot steaming load of real life right onto your poor, unsuspecting eardrums.

We kick off with Father-of-the-Year, who’s losing his goddamn mind over his hellspawn’s piss-poor attempt at housekeeping and vomit decorum. Mother’s Day weekend finds this martyr busting his ass scrubbing the car while his ungrateful offspring are in their pigsty rooms, having a dank meme-fest. The cherry on top? His son, the vomit virtuoso, misplaces the fucking garage door opener, flaunting their home’s security vulnerabilities for all to see.

But the shitstorm’s just getting started. Little Houdini gets locked out, only to break in through a window. Top-tier home security my ass! As if the fiasco couldn’t get worse, the vomit savant decides the sink is his personal barf bucket. Cue the debate that could make Shakespeare hurl in his grave – to hurl or not to hurl.

Our vomit-obsessed protagonist falls sick, but daddy-dearest insists he clean up his puke Picasso. Some call it tough love; we call it goddamn hilarious. In the midst of the hurling, we discover the kid suffers from a chronic case of “can’t-aim-for-shit-itis.” Pops is nearing meltdown, Mom’s fantasizing about a one-way ticket to sanity, and we’re struggling to keep our own guts from bursting in laughter.

As we wait for the inevitable vomit-fueled apocalypse to hit home, we swerve into everyone’s favorite topic – the art of upchuck aiming. Apparently, as adults, we should have a sixth sense for incoming hurl and bolt for the toilet. Unfortunately, our poor kid missed that memo, leaving dad fearing both divine wrath and the 16-hour bug.

In a twist nobody asked for, we ditch vomit for violence, recounting a street brawl featuring a drunken idiot and a heavyweight Hawaiian with a high-kick that’d make Bruce Lee proud. It’s surprisingly entertaining watching a 300-pound guy drop-kick a drunk into the next week.

Next up, we’ve got Texas drag queens, NJ – the official armpit of America, and an Icelandic chocolate that’s just too tasty for its own good. In the chaos, we find time to give a shout-out to rainbow Jesus and debate some Transformers-themed art. Nothing like a dash of Optimus Prime and holy water to keep the shit interesting.

We end this trainwreck with a teaser for the next episode – Jesus as a cereal mascot. You read that right, folks. But for now, we’re leaving you with the stench of barf, the image of a Technicolor Jesus, and a glimpse at our upcoming shitshow. So buckle up, suck it up, and get ready for another wild ride with The Rich Dickman Show.

Episode 261 – By Thor’s Chocolate!

Alright, you magnificent motherfuckers and buckaroos, strap in and brace yourselves for a balls-deep, no-holds-barred, thrill-ride into the madness that is The Rich Dickman Show’s 261st episode, “By Thor’s Chocolate!” This ain’t your goddamn Sunday School nor your grandma’s podcast summary, it’s a goddamn whirlwind of wackiness.

Our trio of half-witted yet sassy hosts, Randy, Cody, and Rem, kick off this shitshow with all the grace of a three-legged mule in a moonshine-fueled square dance, shooting the breeze about everything from the fuckery of food allergies to the sheer madness of Southern biscuits and gravy. Randy pulls a heartstring-tugging tale out of his ass about his late dad, a candy bar, and the ocean, which is about as coherent as a drunken sailor on shore leave.

They bulldoze into personal topics and uproarious discussions, including the thrilling world of sleep apnea, the battle of the bulge, and the sheer goddamned ecstasy of being home. As the chocolate-pimping Willy Wonkas they are, they shill some Icelandic delight from Omnom Chocolate, promising this cocoa-filled joyride will hit the U.S. soon, specifically at Whole Foods, for all you uppity foodies.

Despite some technological shitstorms and fuck-ups that’d make a Luddite feel vindicated, they push through to give us a sneak peek of their upcoming “Rich Dickman Chocolate Draft 2023.” They’re not sugarcoating their distaste for certain ingredients – they’re as subtle as a punch in the dick, and the anticipation is as palpable as a stripper at a bachelor party.

They then charge into a Trump discussion like a horny rhino in a tutu and a bull in a china shop, keeping the political pot stirred while adding some spice to this batshit bonanza. They manage to throw in some technical snafus with Cody, because what’s life without a little schadenfreude?

The crowning glory of this shit parade and pièce de résistance is the “Rich Dickman Chocolate Draft 2023,” where our intrepid fuckwits duke it out over a smorgasbord of exotic chocolates that sound as indulgent as a Kardashian on a shopping spree and as ecstatic as a rollercoaster of taste buds.

From vegans wreaking havoc at a barbecue like PETA on steroids, to fishermen as deceitful as a politician’s promise, and from corrupt Long Island politicians to the awkward application of hemorrhoid cream in a public pharmacy, this episode covers every batshit crazy topic under the sun. They even squeeze in a fake ad for the “Watchamacollit 3000,” a device so versatile it might as well be a Swiss Army knife on steroids.

So here it is, folks: Episode 261: By Thor’s Chocolate! It’s a wild, fuck-filled ride through the twisted minds of The Rich Dickman Show hosts. It’s as edgy as a razor blade, as unpredictable as a coke-fueled squirrel and a monkey on meth, and as slightly better than mediocre as a drunken karaoke rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Tune in, if you dare, you magnificent bastards!

Episode 260 – Built Chicken

 Ep. 260: “Built Chicken – A Finger-Lickin’ Good Time!”

Damn, has it been 5 years already?! 🎉 This wild ride kicks off with NASCAR races, our sneaky asses getting trackside, and bitchin’ about long food lines. What’s the solution? Uber Eats or DoorDash to the rescue! We chat about the hell that is New Jersey and New York traffic, and celebrate our podcast’s five-year freakin’ anniversary with the idea of commemorative tattoos (because why not?).

Love, life, and LARPing – we dish on a listener’s relationship conundrum before shifting to commercials and their inclusivity (or lack thereof). Did you hear about Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid? We’re talkin’ multicultural mermaid sisters! Plus, we dig into a thrill-seeking listener’s question and debate how superheroes SHOULD behave. Spoiler alert: “Dick of the Week” goes to a shady politician.

We get serious about gaming legend Jules Scott’s mental health, personal insecurities, and the “thumbscrew” law of power. We’re not all GPS wizards, and imposter syndrome is a real bitch. But hey, we talk cardinal directions in Hawaii and the bizarre world of saint knuckle bone preservation. Why? Because we can.

Things get weird with Jesus drawing prompts, pop culture references, and a Star Wars twist. Jedi or Sith? Nah, General Grievous is where it’s at. We crown Rem’s submission the freakin’ winner and May the 4th be with you!

Rounding out this insane episode, we shower our listeners, co-hosts, and patrons with gratitude for these incredible five years. We relive the hilarious movie “Sex Drive” (despite some outdated language) and remind y’all to check out our Patreon for more exclusive content. Snag some merch at richstickman.com, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to leave us a voicemail or join our Discord server. Stay awesome, you sexy chickens! 🐔🔥

  • 5 years & still kickin’! 🎉 Ep. 260 “Built Chicken” covers NASCAR, LARPing, and everything in between. Don’t miss it! #RichDickmanShow #BuiltChicken
  • Sneaky trackside escapades & food line complaints at NASCAR races. We’ve got the inside scoop on Ep. 260! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • New episode alert! 🚨 We’re chattin’ about relationship hurdles & LARPing love lives. Tune in now! #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Commercials & inclusivity: we’re spillin’ the tea on the latest ads in Episode 260. Join the convo! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid, mermaid sisters, & more! Dive into this fresh episode! 🧜‍♀️ #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Thrill-seekers, superheroes, & shady politicians. Who’s our “Dick of the Week”? Find out in Ep. 260! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • Gaming legend Jules Scott, mental health & insecurities – we’re gettin’ real on Ep. 260. Listen now! #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Jesus drawing prompts & pop culture references collide in our latest episode. Check it out! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • May the 4th be with you! Jesus as General Grievous? You bet. Don’t miss this Star Wars twist! 🚀 #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Gratitude & reflection: we’re lookin’ back at 5 amazing years with you. Thanks for stickin’ around! ❤️ #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • “Sex Drive” nostalgia & hilarious moments in our latest episode. Check out the laughs! #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow

Episode 259 – DeadPets.Com

Welcome back, you filthy animals! Buckle up for the most outrageous episode 259 of The Rich Dickman Show: Deadpets.com, featuring the triumphant return of the one and only, Steven! Can you believe it? He’s back, and we’re losing our minds over here!

In this wild ride of an episode, our hosts tackle a motley crew of topics, from giving advice to Jumpy Jillian about getting down and dirty in public without getting caught, to discussing a listener’s morbid obsession with taxidermy. They even delve into the bizarre world of BrewDog beer, which is bottled inside taxidermy squirrels. As if that wasn’t enough, the idea of strapping a Roomba to a dead raccoon and sending it off to a battle bot competition has us questioning our own sanity.

Then there’s Miller High Life, the so-called “champagne of beers.” The hosts roast Belgian customs for destroying 2,300 cans of this precious brew, wondering if someone just wanted to drink it all. They also kick off a hilarious segment called “What Would Jesus Draw?”, imagining Jesus as a firefighter in various bizarre scenarios, such as marrying another firefighter just for the health insurance.

But the pièce de résistance is the return of Steven, who graces us with tales of his upcoming entourage-filled trips to Malta and Monaco. The hosts joke about Maltese language and Monacan people, while also sharing their own hilarious stories, like Cody’s seafood adventure with his girlfriend and his embarrassing pizza-eating incident at a doll-sized table.

So get ready for an episode that will have you laughing, cringing, and questioning the very fabric of reality. And remember, if you love what you hear, leave a review and tell a friend! Because nothing brings people together like bonding over dead raccoons and taxidermy squirrels.

Episode 258 – Dick of the Weed

Roll up and get lit 🔥 with Episode 258 of The Rich Dickman Show, “Dick of the Weed,” recorded on the dankest day of the year, 420! 🌿 The Thinking with your Dickman segment was so fucking good, Rem nearly choked on his spit 😂

So, these stoner host dudes get high on some wild shit that went down at the zoo 🐐 A smokin’ hot MILF 🍑, Caribbean African-American mix with long braided hair, had her kids round up goats for a dope Insta vid. The hosts get all deep about having a mom who’s basically a supermodel and how social media fucks with family vibes.

Next up, they dive into Jovial Jenny’s drama from Jaipur, India 🇮🇳 Her white girlfriend keeps rockin’ bindis and henna tats, pissing Jenny off. The hosts tell her to chill and talk it out, maybe teach the girl a thing or two about cultural shit.

The podcast is lit with funny-ass stories 🤣, like elk mating calls and turtle rescues. They even riff on the 31st Law of Power, “Control the Options,” and compare it to video games.

Cody reads a long-ass ad for the Magic Bullet Blender, and they share some weird audio clips out of context – celeb impersonations, conspiracy theories, and more 🤪

In the end, they get blazed on a 420-themed news headline idea from their intern, but don’t spill the goods. Then they shoot the shit about Jesus cosplaying as Nintendo characters 🎮 Peach Jesus wins the crown 👑!

This episode is packed with humor, banter, and enough weed references to keep you high all day! 🌿💨 Don’t miss this dope-ass podcast, and remember to puff, puff, pass that shit!

Episode 257 – A Real Stand Up Guy

Get ready for a fuckin’ wild ride with Episode 257 of The Rich Dickman Show, where shit gets real with Adam Levine, a stand-up comic who’s got some stories to tell. This episode is called “A Real Stand Up Guy” and trust me, it’s gonna be a damn good time.

So, the crew kicks off talking about the highs and lows of performing comedy, from open mic nights in dingy basement bars to big-ass clubs. Adam spills the beans on how a note telling him to be more physical on stage changed his act for the better. They also shoot the shit about doing corporate gigs – the money’s good, but the vibe can be fuckin’ weird.

They dive into the challenges of making high school seniors laugh, who probably don’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to stand-up. Oh, and Adam’s fear of heights? Yeah, they go there, talking about Randy’s St. Louis Arch experience that freaked him the hell out.

The conversation takes a bizarre twist as they discuss their AI art game, coming up with Jesus-themed prompts and letting their twisted imaginations run wild. And of course, they can’t resist giving advice in the “Thinking with Your Dickman” segment, tackling relationship shit like juggling multiple partners and getting your SO to accept your cosplay kink.

The Rich Dickman crew ain’t holding back in this episode, with ads for the Nettypot and a luxury bidet (a fuckin’ “butthole whisperer,” no less) thrown in the mix. They touch on everything from nudist colonies to furries and how owning a cat is a lesson in consent. Don’t miss the AI-generated Easter Bunny mall scene with Jesus, and the hilarious game “Who’s the Voice?” where they guess famous voices.

So strap in, folks, because this episode’s got it all: comedy, personal shit, and a bunch of fuckin’ laughs. Get ready to dive into the chaotic world of stand-up and the twisted minds of The Rich Dickman Show’s hosts. It’s a crazy ride, but hey, that’s what makes it slightly better than mediocre!

Episode 256 – Lone Simper On The Grassy Knoll

Buckle up, you sick freaks, and welcome to the latest episode of The Rich Dickman Show, or as we like to call it, “Love Simper On The Grassy Knoll.” This week, our hosts get down and dirty with Cody’s proposed voting system that pairs people with opposing political views and has them “cancel” each other out. They also unleash their thoughts on personal stories, like colonoscopies, babysitters, and their days as camp counselors.

And that’s just the beginning, because these foul-mouthed degenerates keep the offensive content rolling. The conversation takes a raunchy turn, and the hosts dive deep into relationships, communication, and astrology, expressing their disgust for those obsessive astrological freaks. They also take aim at “white knighting” and defend those who prank, including the notorious Shitty Steve, who punked his co-worker Carl. Don’t even get them started

 on those pathetic “simps” who defend others online.

But wait, there’s more! They even get into funeral playlists and the importance of choosing the right songs for your final send-off. Then, they go completely off the rails as they discuss the concept of “reverse bunny suits” and share crazy ideas and shocking moments. They tease an upcoming guest, comedian Adam Lavine, who has a hilarious take on colonoscopies. And if that’s not enough, they also discuss AI-generated voices that could automate the end of their shows. Just make sure you know the difference between the bot and the host, you clueless morons. This podcast is not for the faint of heart.

Episode 255 – IKEA Guillotine

What’s up, you degenerate bastards? Welcome to the fucking circus that is Episode 255 of The Rich Dickman Show, also known as “IKEA Guillotine,” ’cause why the fuck not? So, these chucklefucks start off jawing about how the best video games are based on the stupid shit they liked as a kid, like Pokémon, Mega Man, and catching bugs in Japan. Holy nostalgia, Batman! They also whine about video game glitches and secrets, and how they’ve basically traded their souls to YouTube.

Then these loons dive headfirst into the clusterfuck of podcast proliferation. They pull this ass-backwards theory out of their asses that the pandemic caused everyone and their mother to buy audiovisual equipment and start spewing content everywhere. They talk about how OnlyFans took off like a goddamn rocket, and people getting called by their stage names at work – ’cause, you know, separating your hoe life from your 9-to-5 is crucial, people!

But wait, there’s more! They venture into the treacherous territory of making friends in college, being a single parent, and the absolute shitshow of balancing work and family life. They offer some weird-ass suggestions like joining an anime club or FETLife to meet people. Like, what the actual fuck? For the single parents out there, they ramble about food prepping, ramen juicing, and other bullshit. This podcast is like a fever dream, but at least these nutjobs are having a blast!

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