Episode 204 – Group Therapy

We’re on the couch this episode as Rem seeks some counseling from the one and only Salty from Houston! What happens when Rem tries to confront Cody about his lack of communication? Find out! Randy returns from suspension; Exploring the mind; Randy updates us on our Ukraine Fundraiser; Salty explains BDSM “scenes”; Salty gets weird requests too; Lifestyle questions; Salty asks the boys about their love lives and Rem answers for some reason; Thinking With Your Dickman and Dick of the Week return; and more! Get in there and don’t miss it!

Episode 203 – Wonder Bread

This week we’re squishing bread on 203! Sara Star returns to talk about some of the weird requests she’s received. We also learn about her night out and begin to plan her next exclusive TRDS production! Is it okay to hate a certain nationality?; Rem traveled and has TSA experience; Cody lost his glasses; Stoly; Cody has a new hobby; Porny music video; Boobies for Ukraine; We devise a way to stop Putin; Voicemails; and much more! This was a blast, so be sure to check it out!

Sara’s All My Links!

Episode 202 – Buried Hatchets

Hooo boy! Matt & Walter from the Not For Human Consumption podcast join us this week and we finally settle the beef! Or do we? Rem wants to talk Peacemaker; TikTok and Food Buckets; Walter takes over; Walter Vs Randy: One Final Time; Rem apologizes?; Gambling and the winner’s mentality; Walter gets intimidating; Rem goes soft; Russia Vs Ukraine; Dueling world leaders; Gopher Randy; and much more! Matt & Walter are gems so make sure you check them out every week at NFHCpodcast.com!

Episode 201 – Grundle Print

A new season, a new episode number, same bunch of fun! It’s 201 and Cody’s spinning the plates. Randy talks…a lot. Lottery and gambling; A recap of 200; Randy’s friend with spina bifida; Dudes are gross; Anal condoms; Rem has a new toy; Hiccups; The Karate Kid; Randy explains the I Ching; Randy tells a joke; Cody leaves during the joke; Does Cody watch wrestling?; and so much more! If you hate Randy’s stories like we do, let us know!

Episode 200 – Monsieur Porneaux Man

We did it! 200 down! It’s a Hall of Fame celebration with special guest, Steven R. Dickman! Steven joins to induct our latest entrant into the TRDS Hall of Fame! Randy had a birthday; Rem probes the guys for video project ideas; What’s next for TRDS?; Gambling on the Superbowl; A Hall of Fame production; We take a ride with Matty; Thinking With Your Dickman; Voicemails; Randy previews new sponsors; shoutouts for 200; and the best part of the show, Cody! Get in there and celebrate with us – you’re NOT going to want to miss this one, especially when all your friends tell you how great this episode was!

Episode 197 – Dick Wolf Twist

He’s back! Travis from Roast Mortem Cast returns to The Rich Dickman Show! Cody’s behind a green screen and Randy’s on another level, but Travis adds a nice and delicate balance to our weekly production. We catch up with Travis; Cody’s poker room; We talk TV; Gun rights? Really?; Cody Watched Travis Die In The Civil War; The Chinese Food Pyramid; Rem’s video idea’s; r/AntiWork; The early days of Cancel Culture; TWYD returns; Lab Monkeys; Voicemails; and more! Don’t miss this fine episode because if you do, you’ll be the only one at the water cooler because no one will want to be your friend.

Episode 196 – Guilt Free Wipes

Episode 196 and look what the cat dragged in! It’s Matt from NHFC Podcast! We catch up with Matt and begin to set terms for the Randy/Walter Summit. How did NFHC meet Walter?; stories from our pasts; Randy is dabbing; Cody gets some advice on dude wipes; Why does one collect porn?; Why Matt loves Amazon; Will the shows move to Italy?; TWYD returns and Cool Whip is involved; plus more! It’s a super charged episode that will have you laughing throughout. Don’t miss this one and Get In There!

Episode 195 – The Grille

Cody’s in the sky, Randy’s on the ropes, and Rem is riding the rocket all because Jock Samson, The Emperor of West Virginia, has returned! We catch up with Jock and talk VR, cutting promos, and starting a faction. Can Jock slam Randy?; Fight Forever; Hometown bonding; Talking Trash; Thrasher Talk; Behind the Scenes with Jock; Proving the simulation; Stony Curiosity preview; a Jules tweet; and so much more! This one really heats up so don’t miss it!

Episode 194 – Silly Stack Of Singles

Hey everybody and welcome to episode 194 of The Rich Dickman Show! Cody’s at the helm tonight, Rem says stuff, and Randy…well, he’s Randy. And he’s at the top of his game! Cody wears flip flops; counterfeiting pens; The Booty Patrol; Cody at the Strip Club; Rem sells Cody on Oculus; Randy addresses the Walter drama; naps; A Day in Cody; Voicemails; DOTW; Bootleg CD’s; Eric Clapton sucks and so does Patton Oswalt. Get in there now!

Episode 126 – Big Fat Buds

This week it’s ‘What Could Have Been’ as Jay from The NFHC Podcast finally hops on board the TRDS train! Take a trip to Arizona and learn what it’s like to live in Minecraft; Learn all about cannabis cultivation; Weekly Segments return!; Randy gives bad investment advice; Growing a beard; How to handle bad roosters; Backing over a gas pump; Voicemails; and so much more! Get in there – hope you like dogs!

Check out Jay on The Not For Human Consumption Podcast, every Tuesday!

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