Episode 216 – Podcast Friend Search 2022

Episode 216 drops and with that is The Great TRDS Podcast Friend Search of 2022! Randy has poked the boys into going out and making new friends! Cody has an attack of ricotta cheese; What is the reverse of QAnon?; Spaghetti wants attention; Rem had a death in the family; Randy gets Cody’s confused; Are you PRIDE enough?; What is Ball Toner?; TWYD returns; Why You Should Never Trust Anyone On The Internet; The Library of Babel; Rem’s internet is shit; What is me?; and more!

Episode 214 – We’re Live!

We’re Live! And in Person! Episode 214 emanates from the fabulous Hilton Garden Inn in Wallingford, CT, as Rem and Randy join Cody in his hotel room to broadcast together, for the first time ever, together and in person! (Since we were all so excited, there’s some audio issues – not terrible, but they exist and we apologize) Listen in as Cody and Randy detail the struggles it took to get there; Ritual Bestowing Of The Gifts; going out to dinner; Visiting Massachusetts; Ali G; Randy went to get a pizza; Cody loves the laws in CT; Women’s clothing sizes; and so much more fun. This was an amazing experience and we had an absolute blast recording and being able to bring this to you!

Episode 212 – Rem Does Sara’s VR

Sara Star returns to discuss her trip to Exxxotica in Chicago! Rem asks the hard hitting questions and previews a clip of Sara Star’s new Virtual Reality video! We also discuss the “interesting” visitors a porn convention attracts. Pepsi Nitro; Rem and Randy pitch sci-fi ideas to Cody; Rem went to Raw; Ben & Jerry’s ruined ice cream; A discussion on circumcision; Some stupid ducks fell into a storm drain; How much gambling is too much gambling?; The VR market and the Metaverse kinda sucks; and more! Be sure to check out Sara Star!

Episode 211 – Big Bidet

Guess who’s back?! Steven R Dickman returns once more to join the boys and provide some behind the scenes perspective! We’ve got an update on our Ukrainian Fundraiser; Rem’s taking a virtual class; Cody got an iWatch; Sniffing Restrooms; Ideal images of people; TWYD returns!; Duck of the Week?; Planning the CT trip; Steven reviews future content that may be coming to the channel; DOTW returns; Scam calls; Voicemails; and Bidet: How I Learned To Fall In Love With Washing My Ass. All this and more! Get the F in there!

Episode 210 – Sovereign Citizen

210 brings its tidings, and will they be merry? It’s all in the eye of the beholder! Randy discovers his inner Sovereign Citizen; Rem had a special ultrasound; Remember that colonoscopy? Well, here’s why it didn’t happen; A guy set himself on fire; Randy sets himself on fire; Randy as a Civ6 streamer; Cody poses the Shopping Cart Test; Cody’s cumrag sandwich; Randy got press passes and doesn’t know what to do with them; Rem learns what gaslighting is; Ukraine flags are everywhere; Randy reviews the movie Dog; and much more! Don’t miss Rem’s inability to not laugh at his own joke! Get in there!

Episode 209 – Michael Jackson Sleep Milk

Happy 4/20! Cody and Randy celebrate (and celebrate hard) while Rem is left to steer the ship!



DickmanCon 2022 is a go! The boys begin planning the trip and the festivities. Cody talks about his scuba adventure and a trip in a helicopter. He also has a friend named Junior that we learn about. Did you know there’s a science to Hugging and Cody has mastered it? Randy promotes some products and takes over for a few minutes. Rem has some medical issues. Rem tries to converse with his stoned friends and Cody just wants to tell us all his thoughts of God because he’d really like to meet her. Also, circumcision. Get in there!

Episode 207 – Samsquanch

Are you ready for a good time? Jump into the most STUPENDOUS episode of TRDS as Jim from The Power Hour Podcast (Drink A Beer & Play A Game) joins us this week! We recap Wrestlemania and Rem loses it watching Super Humman, but there’s way more than that! We talk Amico and gaming; Randy gets a Samsquanch; Ukraine fundraiser update; Amazon and Gambling; How do you say Crayon?; Cody and Jim play Elden Ring; The Problem With Garlic Bread; Rem gets creepy with men; Cody wonders why Rem knows so much about Philadelphia; and more! Don’t miss this one – it’s a bunch of fun!

Episode 206 – Simpin’ For Flow

Cranberry Vodka Attacks! Did you ever wonder if Jesus got any ass? Well, we might have an answer! Adam from Houston joins this week to explain why nudists are happy and why yelling at your interviewer is healthy! Rem plans his exit, looks at a map, has thoughts on climate change, and heard voices! Randy defends Flow. Cody has thoughts on game theory (We love you, Lia Thomas!) and the guys talk about those dudes who LOVE the work poop. Randy wants to become a wrestler and Adam talks cellphones! It’s all here on Episode 206 of The Rich Dickman Show! Get in there!

Episode 205 – Indi-Can’t Even

Take a trip to the clouds with your boys, The Rich Dickman Show! Kristen joins for a few minutes as our token female; Cody describes the problems posed when running from the law in Hawaii; A dumb science teacher; Rem is angry with Randy; Mike Bites; Randy’s pigeons; Randy’s contact lenses; The Chinese Room and other thought experiments; Cody tells an amazing personal story; Fighting for Ukraine; Canada Sucks; Rem’s YouTube channel idea; and much more! This one is a journey, folks. Strap in!

Episode 204 – Group Therapy

We’re on the couch this episode as Rem seeks some counseling from the one and only Salty from Houston! What happens when Rem tries to confront Cody about his lack of communication? Find out! Randy returns from suspension; Exploring the mind; Randy updates us on our Ukraine Fundraiser; Salty explains BDSM “scenes”; Salty gets weird requests too; Lifestyle questions; Salty asks the boys about their love lives and Rem answers for some reason; Thinking With Your Dickman and Dick of the Week return; and more! Get in there and don’t miss it!

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