Episode 195 – The Grille

Cody’s in the sky, Randy’s on the ropes, and Rem is riding the rocket all because Jock Samson, The Emperor of West Virginia, has returned! We catch up with Jock and talk VR, cutting promos, and starting a faction. Can Jock slam Randy?; Fight Forever; Hometown bonding; Talking Trash; Thrasher Talk; Behind the Scenes with Jock; Proving the simulation; Stony Curiosity preview; a Jules tweet; and so much more! This one really heats up so don’t miss it!

Episode 194 – Silly Stack Of Singles

Hey everybody and welcome to episode 194 of The Rich Dickman Show! Cody’s at the helm tonight, Rem says stuff, and Randy…well, he’s Randy. And he’s at the top of his game! Cody wears flip flops; counterfeiting pens; The Booty Patrol; Cody at the Strip Club; Rem sells Cody on Oculus; Randy addresses the Walter drama; naps; A Day in Cody; Voicemails; DOTW; Bootleg CD’s; Eric Clapton sucks and so does Patton Oswalt. Get in there now!

Episode 126 – Big Fat Buds

This week it’s ‘What Could Have Been’ as Jay from The NFHC Podcast finally hops on board the TRDS train! Take a trip to Arizona and learn what it’s like to live in Minecraft; Learn all about cannabis cultivation; Weekly Segments return!; Randy gives bad investment advice; Growing a beard; How to handle bad roosters; Backing over a gas pump; Voicemails; and so much more! Get in there – hope you like dogs!

Check out Jay on The Not For Human Consumption Podcast, every Tuesday!

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