Episode 200 – Monsieur Porneaux Man

We did it! 200 down! It’s a Hall of Fame celebration with special guest, Steven R. Dickman! Steven joins to induct our latest entrant into the TRDS Hall of Fame! Randy had a birthday; Rem probes the guys for video project ideas; What’s next for TRDS?; Gambling on the Superbowl; A Hall of Fame production; We take a ride with Matty; Thinking With Your Dickman; Voicemails; Randy previews new sponsors; shoutouts for 200; and the best part of the show, Cody! Get in there and celebrate with us – you’re NOT going to want to miss this one, especially when all your friends tell you how great this episode was!

Episode 126 – Big Fat Buds

This week it’s ‘What Could Have Been’ as Jay from The NFHC Podcast finally hops on board the TRDS train! Take a trip to Arizona and learn what it’s like to live in Minecraft; Learn all about cannabis cultivation; Weekly Segments return!; Randy gives bad investment advice; Growing a beard; How to handle bad roosters; Backing over a gas pump; Voicemails; and so much more! Get in there – hope you like dogs!

Check out Jay on The Not For Human Consumption Podcast, every Tuesday!

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