Episode 238 – Thankful 5: The Cannaboids

The Following Episode Description Was Written Entirely By AI:

Hey, it’s a new episode of the Rich Dickman Show Podcast!

We’re here today to talk about thankful things. And we have an amazing show lined up for you. We’ve got Cody giving thanks for air conditioning, Rem thanking his family reunion and Rich Dickman thanking FTX.

But first, we’re going to get into some news:

Rich Dickman got hit hard by FTX last week. He was expecting a little bit more stability in his life and ended up getting some really bad news. That doesn’t mean he’s not thankful for what he has though! He talks about how grateful he is for all of his friends and family members who support him throughout the year (even if they don’t always understand what he does).

The show continues with Rem thanking the smelliest poo ever that someone left on their car seat at the airport. It was so bad that Rem couldn’t stop smelling it for hours after leaving the airport.

Then we continue with Cody thanking English Murder Mysteries for culture—and asking why Americans don’t watch them at home when there are so many other great shows out there available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video! Then we get into Svenson answering calls from toilet seats and demanding citations from Numchucks fans.

Episode 237 – Moon Over Uranus

Is this a top five episode of TRDS? Yes, it most definitely is – You don’t want to miss this one!

Promotion Watch 2022 – Update; Randy creates a new segment – AI Out Of Context; How Many Testicles Does The Average Human Have?; Does Elon Know What He’s Doing With Twitter?; Law of Power #9; Celebrating 5 Years of NFHC; Randy took a trip to Michigan; Rem took a trip to Taco Bell; Cody graces us with knowledge; and get your silly ass ready to laugh – because there’s a bunch coming! Tell your friends, get in there, and enjoy!

Episode 230 – $50 House Call Randy

Matt from the Not For Human Consumption podcast returns! We discuss his love of penis shaped foods, the etymology of “glizzy”, a new puppy, and more! Randy committed a hate crime and lost his job; Cody remembers Coolio; Rem remembers Michelle Pfeiffer; Randy yells at Cody; Adoption And Its Unintended Consequences; Video games; Streaming; Behind the NFHC scenes; and much, much more! This is a packed episode that goes long and because of that I can’t remember what we did! But I’m sure there was more, so check it out!

Episode 228 – Kung-Fused Panda

Walter from Not For Human Consumption podcast returns! Apparently LSD isn’t bad! Randy’s high on Covid; Catching up on Marvel and why Peacemaker ruined it for Rem; Cody brings in a game for the boys to play; TWYD – selling nudes and leaving a cooking mess; Dick of the Week; Catching up with Walter; and more! Plus more than that but I’m getting really bad at write-ups!

Episode 225 – Government Sponsored Wii

A big return for 225 – Steven R. Dickman! Steven joins the gang this week to hang out and talk trash, maybe take names, but definitely kick some ass! We get TRDS updates; What’s happening with Randy’s loans?; Cody’s gaming of the system; The Inconvenience of Conservation; Dealing with assholes; New segment ideas; Thinking With Your Dickman about lakes; Dick of the Week – Keys, Twerking, and Tony Khan; The Curse of Man; Randy’s Big Announcement; and so much more! You don’t want to miss this one – it’ll make you laugh!

Episode 223a – Podultery

Cody returns and so does TRDS! After some issues last week, the full crew is back and we explain what happened! Cody took a trip and found himself on NFHC; We delve into all of that; Fun vomit stories; Jack the Intern leaves, Steven Dickman gives an update; Racism in Hawaii; Cody’s vacation wrap-up; Toxic Masculinity and the Inability to Clean Ones Ass; Rem is a pro at re-framing; Experiencing loss to stupid things; Hot Dogs; Planning a trip to Ohio; and more! A week off is what we needed – so get in there and have a laugh!

Episode 216 – Podcast Friend Search 2022

Episode 216 drops and with that is The Great TRDS Podcast Friend Search of 2022! Randy has poked the boys into going out and making new friends! Cody has an attack of ricotta cheese; What is the reverse of QAnon?; Spaghetti wants attention; Rem had a death in the family; Randy gets Cody’s confused; Are you PRIDE enough?; What is Ball Toner?; TWYD returns; Why You Should Never Trust Anyone On The Internet; The Library of Babel; Rem’s internet is shit; What is me?; and more!

Episode 214 – We’re Live!

We’re Live! And in Person! Episode 214 emanates from the fabulous Hilton Garden Inn in Wallingford, CT, as Rem and Randy join Cody in his hotel room to broadcast together, for the first time ever, together and in person! (Since we were all so excited, there’s some audio issues – not terrible, but they exist and we apologize) Listen in as Cody and Randy detail the struggles it took to get there; Ritual Bestowing Of The Gifts; going out to dinner; Visiting Massachusetts; Ali G; Randy went to get a pizza; Cody loves the laws in CT; Women’s clothing sizes; and so much more fun. This was an amazing experience and we had an absolute blast recording and being able to bring this to you!

Episode 211 – Big Bidet

Guess who’s back?! Steven R Dickman returns once more to join the boys and provide some behind the scenes perspective! We’ve got an update on our Ukrainian Fundraiser; Rem’s taking a virtual class; Cody got an iWatch; Sniffing Restrooms; Ideal images of people; TWYD returns!; Duck of the Week?; Planning the CT trip; Steven reviews future content that may be coming to the channel; DOTW returns; Scam calls; Voicemails; and Bidet: How I Learned To Fall In Love With Washing My Ass. All this and more! Get the F in there!

Episode 210 – Sovereign Citizen

210 brings its tidings, and will they be merry? It’s all in the eye of the beholder! Randy discovers his inner Sovereign Citizen; Rem had a special ultrasound; Remember that colonoscopy? Well, here’s why it didn’t happen; A guy set himself on fire; Randy sets himself on fire; Randy as a Civ6 streamer; Cody poses the Shopping Cart Test; Cody’s cumrag sandwich; Randy got press passes and doesn’t know what to do with them; Rem learns what gaslighting is; Ukraine flags are everywhere; Randy reviews the movie Dog; and much more! Don’t miss Rem’s inability to not laugh at his own joke! Get in there!

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