Episode 251 – Mondo Burger Deathmatch

Fuck yeah, let’s do this shit! Episode 251 of The Rich Dickman Show is off the fucking chain! The guys had Madman Pondo, the goddamn Death Match King of pro wrestling, on the show and they talked about his badass career. This dude has been in some hardcore matches and he’s got the scars to prove it.

But that’s not all, folks. Rem, Randy, and Cody get into some wild shit in this episode. They tackle Thinking With Your Dickman and have some hilarious nominees for Dick of the Week, including some dumbass who tries to repossess his own truck. What a fucking moron.

Rem is sporting a swanky shirt gifted to him by Swiney, and Cody and Rem even take a quick break to talk about Power Rangers. Randy is a fucking arm wrestling champ, taking on local jabronis and kicking their asses. And speaking of asses, Cody’s got a life hack for your balls to help you pee.

But wait, there’s fucking more! Rem’s dad ruins a collector’s magazine for a patch, Randy brings back the segment AI Out Of Context with a new hilarious bumper, and Jesus AI Art gets a new prompt: Jesus the Environmentalist.

And if that’s not enough to get your fucking jimmies rustled, Cody invents a new slur and terrifies the shit out of the gang with positronic bit flipping.

Seriously, this episode is fucking epic. So buckle the fuck up, grab a cold one, and listen to The Rich Dickman Show, Episode 251: Mondo Burger Death Match. Don’t be a pussy, tune in now!

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