Blog post in which Huell writes about his cannabis cooking daydreams

Hey Internet!  I keep forgetting that I owe you a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe since so many of you slid into my DMs and told me I was handsome.


However, I realized that what you would probably find more interesting is a WEED chocolate cookie recipe, and then I thought, well, first we will have to go over making weed butter, and then I started thinking about the pros and cons of different ways of making weed butter, and then I thought about all the different cool things you can make with marijuana to get you super silly and goofed out.


So I think that what I may do here on the Rich Dickman Show website is maybe do a short and occasional series of posts about cannabis cooking.  Techniques and recipes to  hopefully inspire some of you to put on the most baller dinner party ever.


What say you internet?  Interested?

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