Episode 260 – Built Chicken

 Ep. 260: “Built Chicken – A Finger-Lickin’ Good Time!”

Damn, has it been 5 years already?! 🎉 This wild ride kicks off with NASCAR races, our sneaky asses getting trackside, and bitchin’ about long food lines. What’s the solution? Uber Eats or DoorDash to the rescue! We chat about the hell that is New Jersey and New York traffic, and celebrate our podcast’s five-year freakin’ anniversary with the idea of commemorative tattoos (because why not?).

Love, life, and LARPing – we dish on a listener’s relationship conundrum before shifting to commercials and their inclusivity (or lack thereof). Did you hear about Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid? We’re talkin’ multicultural mermaid sisters! Plus, we dig into a thrill-seeking listener’s question and debate how superheroes SHOULD behave. Spoiler alert: “Dick of the Week” goes to a shady politician.

We get serious about gaming legend Jules Scott’s mental health, personal insecurities, and the “thumbscrew” law of power. We’re not all GPS wizards, and imposter syndrome is a real bitch. But hey, we talk cardinal directions in Hawaii and the bizarre world of saint knuckle bone preservation. Why? Because we can.

Things get weird with Jesus drawing prompts, pop culture references, and a Star Wars twist. Jedi or Sith? Nah, General Grievous is where it’s at. We crown Rem’s submission the freakin’ winner and May the 4th be with you!

Rounding out this insane episode, we shower our listeners, co-hosts, and patrons with gratitude for these incredible five years. We relive the hilarious movie “Sex Drive” (despite some outdated language) and remind y’all to check out our Patreon for more exclusive content. Snag some merch at richstickman.com, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to leave us a voicemail or join our Discord server. Stay awesome, you sexy chickens! 🐔🔥

  • 5 years & still kickin’! 🎉 Ep. 260 “Built Chicken” covers NASCAR, LARPing, and everything in between. Don’t miss it! #RichDickmanShow #BuiltChicken
  • Sneaky trackside escapades & food line complaints at NASCAR races. We’ve got the inside scoop on Ep. 260! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • New episode alert! 🚨 We’re chattin’ about relationship hurdles & LARPing love lives. Tune in now! #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Commercials & inclusivity: we’re spillin’ the tea on the latest ads in Episode 260. Join the convo! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid, mermaid sisters, & more! Dive into this fresh episode! 🧜‍♀️ #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Thrill-seekers, superheroes, & shady politicians. Who’s our “Dick of the Week”? Find out in Ep. 260! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • Gaming legend Jules Scott, mental health & insecurities – we’re gettin’ real on Ep. 260. Listen now! #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Jesus drawing prompts & pop culture references collide in our latest episode. Check it out! #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • May the 4th be with you! Jesus as General Grievous? You bet. Don’t miss this Star Wars twist! 🚀 #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow
  • Gratitude & reflection: we’re lookin’ back at 5 amazing years with you. Thanks for stickin’ around! ❤️ #BuiltChicken #RDSPodcast
  • “Sex Drive” nostalgia & hilarious moments in our latest episode. Check out the laughs! #BuiltChicken #RichDickmanShow

Episode 253 – On Cloud K9

Yo, listen up, because Episode 253 of The Rich Dickman Show podcast is some crazy-ass shit. First off, AJ from Cincy Wrestling comes on to talk about their latest wrestling show and what’s coming up, but the real juicy stuff happens when they start talking about “Large Individual” Randy Dickman. They’re all about making this dude built to retire, which I assume means they’re gonna make him rich as fuck and have him chilling on a yacht somewhere.

Anyway, Cody finally gets his internet working so he can join in on the fun. Randy puts together a bunch of segments for the show, including the ever-popular Thinking With Your Dickman, which covers topics like traveling with pets and emotional support animals. Apparently, some people bring parrots on planes for emotional support. What the fuck is that shit?

Then there’s the Dick of the Week segment, where they talk about Nic Cage, North Korea, and spying Ring cameras. I don’t even know what the fuck that means, but it sounds wild. And the AI Out of Context segment is back, now fine-tuned by Randy. They even call back to Episode 174, which I’m sure is fucking hilarious if you’re a fan of the show.

But let’s not forget about the Laws of Power segment, which is apparently on Law 26. Rem just ain’t got time for that shit anymore, but I’m sure they still manage to make it entertaining as hell. And Jesus AI Art is back, now renamed “What Would Jesus Draw.” The superhero sidekick pictures of Jesus are apparently fucking astonishing this week, so make sure to check that shit out at WhatWouldJesusDraw.com.

Oh, and apparently Cody ordered some Birria Tacos and Rem tries to convince him to forget about Phoenix and travel to Japan to buy underwear from a vending machine. Like, what the actual fuck? And then they talk about pizza preferences across the country, with Randy apparently low on weed.

So if you’re into some wild and crazy shit, make sure to check out The Rich Dickman Show podcast at RichDickman.com and CincyWrestling.com, and follow them on Twitter at @RichDickmanShow and @CincyWrestling. And if you wanna help their SEO, promote the fuck out of these websites and social media accounts whenever the opportunity arises.

Episode 252 – Jorts of Turin

In this wild and raunchy episode, Rem, Randy, and Cody let loose and talk about whatever the hell they want. They dive into some nerdy shit with Positronic Bitflipping that scares the living fuck out of all three of them. Randy is sick and tired of Linux, and he’s not afraid to tell you all about it. Cody spills the beans about some crazy-ass stories from his time in the industry, while Rem’s kid sings about getting drunk and high with Coldplay (what the fuck?). Out of nowhere, Cody goes on a weird-ass rant about kids that’ll leave you scratching your head. And oh yeah, he used to work with Jack Osborne (who gives a shit?).

But things really heat up when Randy starts telling his story about his strip club victory party (which I’ll spare you the details, but trust me, it’s fucking hilarious). They also bring back the Jesus AI Art segment, where they pit Jesus against a pro wrestler (holy shit, you have to hear this). Plus, they give some damn good advice during their Thinking With Your Dickman segment, including fashion tips from Rem, crap-getting-rid-of tips from Cody, and some great ideas from Randy.

And of course, you can’t forget about their Dick of the Week nominees. This episode is full of offensive and hilarious content that’ll have you pissing your pants with laughter. So if you want to hear more, head over to RichDickman.com and fucking listen already!

Episode 251 – Mondo Burger Deathmatch

Fuck yeah, let’s do this shit! Episode 251 of The Rich Dickman Show is off the fucking chain! The guys had Madman Pondo, the goddamn Death Match King of pro wrestling, on the show and they talked about his badass career. This dude has been in some hardcore matches and he’s got the scars to prove it.

But that’s not all, folks. Rem, Randy, and Cody get into some wild shit in this episode. They tackle Thinking With Your Dickman and have some hilarious nominees for Dick of the Week, including some dumbass who tries to repossess his own truck. What a fucking moron.

Rem is sporting a swanky shirt gifted to him by Swiney, and Cody and Rem even take a quick break to talk about Power Rangers. Randy is a fucking arm wrestling champ, taking on local jabronis and kicking their asses. And speaking of asses, Cody’s got a life hack for your balls to help you pee.

But wait, there’s fucking more! Rem’s dad ruins a collector’s magazine for a patch, Randy brings back the segment AI Out Of Context with a new hilarious bumper, and Jesus AI Art gets a new prompt: Jesus the Environmentalist.

And if that’s not enough to get your fucking jimmies rustled, Cody invents a new slur and terrifies the shit out of the gang with positronic bit flipping.

Seriously, this episode is fucking epic. So buckle the fuck up, grab a cold one, and listen to The Rich Dickman Show, Episode 251: Mondo Burger Death Match. Don’t be a pussy, tune in now!

Get Madman Pondo’s Book!

Episode 241 – Very Special Needs

In this episode of The Rich Dickman Show, Jock Samson joins the hosts to discuss wrestling, drinking Crown Royal, and the behaviors of wealthy people. The conversation also touches on troubleshooting a listener’s computer issues, Cody’s admiration for Randy, and the negative effects of tying credit to housing. The host, Rem, expresses frustration with people who don’t make enough money and licks the boots of Elon Musk. The group also discusses AI without context and the creation of “Dick of the week” from “Idiot of the week” thanks to Svenson. The dark side of Bob Ross is also mentioned. RIP.

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