Episode 182 – Lego Illuminati

Boy, Rem really doesn’t like Cody Rhodes, but what really happened in Randy’s closet? The boys discuss their first time with self love; Skinemax models; Rem visits the farm; Randy meets his racist family at the funeral; Power Rangers; Rem discovers Liminal Space and tries to freak the boys out; Thinking With Your Dickman with eviction; Judge Judy; Dick of the Week from Iceland; Voicemails; Rem’s scary fair ride; and more! Tell your friends about this one!

Episode 181 – Fupa For Lunch

181 is here and tragedy befalls Randy. But first, Cody celebrates his mom’s birthday! We get an update on the cows; what is POG?; Randy’s terrible week; terrible friends; Rem is a good friend and takes his to lunch; Fake News: The Game returns; Think With Your Dickman and Dick of the Week (with Svenson); The boys plan funeral music; The DARE program messed up drugs for us; and more! Love, laugh, and cry with your friends at The Rich Dickman Show!

Episode 180 – Cola-tov Cocktail

The big 180 and we’ve got announcements! The BTS project is live and Cody has himself a 10 episode contract! Rem has a brilliant idea; Rem also has an expensive cat; Roadkill meat; Comedy in the apocalypse; Brainstorming road trips; Cody gives an update on his eye health; Cody’s mom has a farm; Rem loves cows; TWYD – a woman is assaulted with Dr Pepper; DOTW – we learn how to make a molotov cocktail; Looking like tech support; wrestling references; and more! Listen to this episode before Arn pulls a glock on you!

Episode 179 – It’s Not Boring

Episode 179 brings some surprises! Salty Dreamz (who just happens to be Adam from Houston’s Partner) joins TRDS for the first time ever and has her very first Podcast Experience! We’re talking all about kink, BDSM, trying new things, consent, and more! Salty tells us how she met Adam; Rem joined FetLife; Salty schools Rem on tantra; How does Salty vet someone like Adam?; Rem took a BDSM test and we review the results; How to manage a poly relationship; Svenson forgot to tell Rem about his birthday; Cody’s luscious voice reads things; TWYD & DOTW; Is a sex club safer than a night club?; Voicemails; and much more! Stick yourself into this one – it’s juicy!

Episode 178 – Anti-Monarchy

Cody returns! And he has an update on TRDS:BTS. Randy got chopped by Jock Samson; Rem got a sty in his eye; Randy and Cody have terrible eye care; Rem searches for tantric massage; Jules goes on a date; Rem got new internet; Cody and Randy measure mics; Dick of the Week is back with Svenson; Thinking With Your Dickman brings back TTT Rem; Mushrooms; and so much more on this week’s ALL NEW episode of The Rich Dickman Show!

Episode 177 – Promo School

Listen here, brother! The Emperor of West Virginia, Imperial Champion of PWC, Jock Samson joins The Rich Dickman Show this week! Jock takes us behind the scenes to his real life and we advocate on his behalf! Jock’s history in the business; Wal-Mart; Jock takes Rem and Randy to Promo School; Fake News; The Game; laying out a match; taking wrestlers to the mean streets; the 90’s are the best decade; Rem tries to join Jock’s entourage. 

Don’t be a mark! Know your role, shut your mouth, and listen to this incredible episode!

Episode 176 – Cleaning The Drain

We’re doing the goddamn thing for 176! Angus Maple returns to the show to chat about getting the call for sex; friendly fire; critiquing your performance; Rem is back from vacation with a hot tub story and bikini concerns; a BTS update; Epic Insanity died; TWYD and DOTW are back; Randy interrupts Rem; Voicemails; The Taliban and The Texas Taliban; the connection between trans and BBW porn; and more! Don’t miss this one! 

Check out Angus‘ links!

Adult Continuity

Fantoy Comics

Comics On The Can

Cultural Junk Drawer

Episode 175 – Non Profit Secret Society

We’ve got an interesting episode for you this week, friends! Randy got a little tipsy so we had to…well, you’ll hear. It’s almost a double episode! Randy apologizes (again); Pro Wrestling; Rem remembers American Gladiators; Do we have free will?; TWYD, DOTW; Spaghetti returns!; Fake News: The Game returns; Tanks tries to read a news story; Randy makes a spectacle of himself; Rem tries to hold it together; talk about abrupt endings! Normally we say “don’t miss this one” but we’re not saying that this week!

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