Episode 189 – Shots

Shots are on the menu for 189! Cody has a bottle of whiskey, Randy has a bottle of rum, and Rem has his wife’s bottle of pomegranate liqueur with tequila. Anyways, we catch up from Thanksgiving; Cody and Rem had birthdays; the joys of 80’s cocaine; Asian food; Kristen and Papa Rem get and want presents; Rem entered a children’s contest; Cody had a 1 Star meal as a rich kid; Walgreens is not inclusive; Ghostbusters; Cody’s random projects and Randy’s SciFi ideas; Rem hates TWYD; Voicemails; Korean folklore; and so much more! Don’t miss this one or else you’ll miss out on a ton of laughs! That was dumb, but you know what we mean.

Episode 188 – Thankful #4

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! The boys are back with their annual Thankful episode! Crippled Jesus of Who Gives A Shit joins to give his thanks, and hear what Rem, Randy, and Cody are thankful for as well! It might surprise you. We catch up with CJ, Rem feels the simulation is falling apart, Randy finds higher ground, Cody falls in love with CJ, TWYD – What to do when your wife secretly makes money?, and much more! Stuff your face with leftovers while listening to this one!

Episode 187 – The Netherhand

Randy’s back and he’s married! 187 is a banger! We get wedding stories from Randy & Kristen; A special officiant; Rem makes chicken wings; The Eternals and society’s progression; Honeymoon stories; Showtime porn and Campy porn; Find the porn pot ‘o gold; Randy gives gambling advice; Cody’s having a good time; Update on Promotion Watch 2021; wedding songs; and so much more! We broke format once again and had a blast! You will too!

Episode 186 – The Not Quite Newlywed Game Part II

We’re back with Part Two of The Not Quite Newlywed Game! Who’s going to take the win? Who’s partner will be let down? There’s only one way to find out! Rem and Cody finish off the episode Randy-less and chat about the disappearance of Belle Delphine; Rem gets to know Cody; voicemails; McDonald’s; planning new sex positions for Randy; Randy’s wedding; and more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 185 – The Not Quite Newlywed Game

For Episode 185 we’ve got something different! The Not Quite Newlywed Game! Listen as Randy & Kristen from TRDS compete against Eros & Isis of The Priory Society and Adam & Salty from Houston of Who Gives A Shit! With Randy & Kristen on their way to be married, what better way to send them off than by seeing how their knowledge of each other compares to these two wonderful couples! Who wins? Who loses? Who argues? Who cries? There’s only one way to find out – plug it in your ear holes!

Episode 184 – Manual Randall

184 is here and in your ears! (We do apologize for the guests’ audio. Sometimes the internet doesn’t want to play nice with our friends.) Zach Perez (@SpotsHigh) is back to hang out and talk some Wrestling! Weed central?; Cody’s nuisance text friends; Changing with age; Rem watched Ghostbusters with his son; Rem’s a proud dad; Who’s never broken a bone?; TV ratings vs Demo; Wrestling’s new fake war; TWYD is back with questions about planning and zoning and sleeve tattoos; Voicemails; and so much more! This is a fun one so check it out!

Episode 183 – Chill The F*** Out

Spicy debate alert! Can the boys have a debate about current events without getting mad at each other? Listen and find out! Aural microphones are an expensive thing; new video projects?; Rem’s son is making videos; Promotion Season; Cody’s Time Suckers; Lord Zedd of Scrotum; Dave Chappelle and the Netflix of it All; Hawaiian culture; TWYD & DOTW; legal drugs; Randy yells; and much more! This one may inspire a thought so call us at 860-316-4776 and leave a voicemail!

Episode 182 – Lego Illuminati

Boy, Rem really doesn’t like Cody Rhodes, but what really happened in Randy’s closet? The boys discuss their first time with self love; Skinemax models; Rem visits the farm; Randy meets his racist family at the funeral; Power Rangers; Rem discovers Liminal Space and tries to freak the boys out; Thinking With Your Dickman with eviction; Judge Judy; Dick of the Week from Iceland; Voicemails; Rem’s scary fair ride; and more! Tell your friends about this one!

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