Episode 27 – Fueled By Liquor

Episode 27 – Fueled By Liquor

The best version of Huell is back! Rem is going camping this week and poisoned a kid with a twinkie, Huell is eating General Tso’s and drinking canned Bloody Mary’s, Svenson taught us how to Periscope and asks us a question, Brett Kavanaugh, Huell is on a boat, The RDS Celebrity Death Pool is live, we voicemail one more time, Huell gets personal with Rem and they do math, Rem might be Huell’s Kato Kaelin, an Officer threatened to shoot some kids and got fired, Made Up Movie Trailers, watching real movie trailers, seltzer water and Mexican Coke, and fun!


The Original El Abogado Shirt

El ABogado Shirt in DIfferent Colors

The Celebrity Death Pool

I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island

Episode 26 – Voicemail

Episode 26 – Voicemail

We’re back and the best we’ve ever been! A brilliant episode as Rem gets Huell to call various podcasts voicemail numbers and leave live messages! Is it the greatest bit in history? Yes! Also Mama Rem the weed mule, Svenson and Jamtlander, El Abogado shirt, Rem talks crap about a podcast, live Periscope, Crown Jewel, clams, and so much more!

The fire is back so don’t miss it!



Episode 24 – Boofing

Episode 24 – Boofing

Miscommunication abounds! Rem said drink, Huell thought smoke! But the boys put together a decent attempt at an episode this week. We learn what “boofing” is, Huell’s giving legal advice, westerns, recliners, legal analysis, Grizzly Man documentary, and making friends live on Steam!

Grab a drink and join the fun!



Episode 22 – Stoned

Episode 22 – Stoned

Huell forgot there was a show, so he got stoned. What happens next is anyone’s guess…untill you listen!

Portrait Mode Pornhub, TRDS Snapchat, Huell’s home update, Rem ate Mexican food, Mama Rem is stuck in Italy, Warcraft nostalgia, failed bits, Weed menus, a bit is made in real time, Huell’s work partes, Robocop and sequels, and Huell is Rem’s Kato Kaelin!

The Harris Poll

Hartford Craigslist

Huell’s WeedMaps



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Mama Rem’s Domestic Diva #2

Meat Sauce


I hope you all enjoyed the fresh pasta sauce. That is a sauce I only make once a year.

Tonight I will give you my recipe for a basic meat sauce. It can be used on many different pastas for a variety of tastes.


Ingredients needed:

  • Ground beef, about a pound
  • 1 large jar of Ragu meat sauce
  • Bag of frozen peas. (I like baby peas)
  • Salt, sugar, oregano, and granulated garlic
  • Whole, peeled garlic
  • Capers if desired


Start by frying the ground beef, adding salt, oregano, and garlic to taste.

In a large saucepan, pour in the Ragu. Add ½ jar of water and bring to a boil. Add in salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar and about ½ a bag of peas. You could also use a handful of capers. Add some oregano and 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Once the ground beef is fried up, add to the sauce and simmer for about 1 or 2 hours. Stir frequently or it will stick and burn


This sauce works best on rotini, fettuccini, and cavatelli.

This is also the sauce I use for making baked ziti. I will give that recipe in a future blog.


Enjoy, feel free to contact me for any questions.

@rem_mama on Twitter

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