Episode 60 – Promotion Watch

Episode 60 – Promotion Watch

Ray’s drinking a Mickey’s and Rem gets tipsy early, this is a fun one!

Rem’s talking shit no more; Father’s Day; Rem’s writing a wrestling column; Ray’s Pork Butt Whole; Recycling is a scam; California sucks; people eating is gross; Dick of the Week; Dick Tips; Thinking With Your Dickman; Meth fueled squirrel; WoW Memories and much more!

The Meth Fueled Squirrel

Possum Eating Spider


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Episode 59 – The Silvio Rule

Episode 59 – The Silvio Rule

Rem and Ray are back at it again this week, bringing that fire! Rem went to the dentist and had a sexy experience; Ray had a dental horro story; Matty got meth; Rem’s drug story; Ray fought a guy at In & Out; Homelessness; a new segment!; Dick of the Week; Dick Tips; Ray’s Tinder Adventures; Rem’s Father’s Day plans and so much more!

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Episode 58 – Taste The Warmth

Episode 58 – Taste The Warmth

It’s a very sexy episode as Eros and Isis from The Priory Society joing Rem and Ray! They talk about their podcast, swinging, the Lifestyle, and all the feelings, emotions, and experiences surrounding it. You DO NOT want to miss this interview! Of course there’s Dick of the Week, Dick Tips, Ray’s Tinder Adventures, and the regular nonsense!


Find The Priory Society podcast!



Priory Society on Instangram!




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Episode 57 – Deep Plot Line

Episode 57 – Deep Plot Line

Rem continues his love affair with Not For Human Consumption as Matt joins the show!Ray and Matt settle their beef over Avengers; Some behind the scenes of NFHC; shy peeing; how surrogates work; remembering Huell; podcasting helping us to grow; Dick of the Week; Dick Tips; Ray on Tinder; making music and more!

Check Matt out on NFHC – nfhcpodcast.com


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Episode 56 – No Sense Of Smell

Episode 56 – No Sense Of Smell

Episode 56 and Rem and Ray are joined by Dylan from the Not For Human Consumption podcast! The guys talk about NFHC, being in a band, little people, mushrooms, not having a sense of smell and more! Later in the show it’s Dick of The Week, Rem’s GoT, Ray vs Matt, and a new segment, Dick Tips! All this and more!



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Episode 55 – Cheeseburger

Episode 55 – Cheeseburger

Rem and Ray return with some fun! A man hit someone with a cheeseburger; Papa Rem’s wallet; going to wrestling; Liquor Fueled review; Dick of the Week; DOTW winner; stories from Las Vegas; Game of Thrones still sucks; Detective Pikachu; Joma cheating at Words With Friends?; and much more! Grab a drink and listen, but don’t spit it out when you laugh!




Episode 54 – Season 2

Episode 54 – Season 2

The Rich Dickman Show is back for Season 2! Rem is now the permanent host and joining him is Ray for a 10 episode audition! Rem is bad at ending friendships; Game of Thrones; Avengers: Endgame; Liquor Fueled clips; hypocrisy in politics and a serious discussion; complaining about complainers; Ray gets drunk; Dick of the Week; using Liquid White; and much more!

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Episode 53 – Spoilers

Episode 53 – Spoilers

He was supposed to take a break but all the Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame made him come back!

Rem is back this week to talk Season 8 of Game of Thrones as well as Avengers: Endgame! SPOILERS Rem tells you what he thinks of GoT so far and why A:E made him so emotional.


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Episode 52 – Bye Bye Sweetie Pies

Episode 52 – Bye Bye Sweetie Pie

We never wanted it to come but it’s here. The final episode of Huell Howser. Rem brings out some surprises for his old friend as well as a trip down memory lane. Voicemails, tributes, music, and so much more. Relive some of your favorite memories and make some new ones too as this show isn’t just about the past!

Huell would like to thank all of you for giving him your ears for a year. Rem will be taking a couple of weeks off to retool the show. Stay in touch on Twitter – @richdickmanshow

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