Episode 109 – I’ve Never Killed Anybody

Episode 109 – I’ve Never Killed Anybody

Vito Gesualdi of YouTube fame joins for Episode 109! Vito, the most successful transgender YouTuber, known for “vaping” Belle Delphine’s bath water and The Last Jedi/Rise of Skywalker Cinematic Failure videos talk to Rem and Ray about Star Wars, creating videos, going viral, and devloping an accent. We also talk about medication, protecting the old people during Corona times, protesting with Pepsi, not killing people, being a centrist, and demanding apologies. We also come to terms with discovering unknown heritage, making ethnicity your identity, why being Jewish is great, and what it takes to be a successful YouTuber.

Check Out Vito On YouTube!

Vito on Twitter

Episode 108 – Dick On TRDS

Episode 108 – Dick On TRDS

It’s the episode we’ve been building to, 108! (The real podcast was the friends we made along the way) Dick Masterson joins Rem and Ray! We talk about podcast breakups; Dick’s journey through comedy; 90’s style; becoming untouchable; fighting the ‘rona; messed up TV deals; Crippled Jesus stops by with a dog and a Tinder romance; international travel; voicemails; Dick Tips on picking up women; the power of lying; sharing porn with Dick, and so much more! It’s Dick as you’ve never heard before, and Rem and Ray are there too!

Episode 107 – Tube Of Felt

Episode 107 – Tube Of Felt

Episode 107 hits your feeds and Rem got a new iPhone! Rem finds old TTT emails and TTT reviews; Rem’s making memes; birthday’s; babies are the worst; Ray’s porno idea; The Problem With Mexican Food; Sara Star makes an impromptu guest appearance for a porno pitch; voicemails; Buster needs put down; how to avoid surprise parties; Dick of the Week; and the unfortunate return of Mr Porno Man!

All this and so much more! Oh, by the way, Sara really is a Star!

Episode 106 – Scat Man

Episode 106 – Scat Man

Well, we had some audio issues this week. Not terrible, but not your usual Rich Dickman Seal of Quality. We apologize!

It’s double trouble this week as @CrippledJesus from the Holy Rollers podcast and @MattNisbet from the NFHC podcast join us. Everyone gets drunk; is CJ a protestor; Matt & Rem level up cooking; women are hot in masks; and too much more to list! Or remember!

Episode 105 – Plexiglass Fortress

Episode 105 – Plexiglass Fortress

Episode 105 is in your feeds and the boys TRY to avoid CoronaTalk! Where did the intern go?; Rem gets sexist; new face masks; Chris O’C Karen’ed Some Dudes; buying girls underwear; Rem and Ray both melt down at the store; Rem fired a guy; Holy Rollers BTS; Swimming with Sharks; Randy; fast food; reporting your neighbors; TWYD, DOTW, DT! All that and much more on this week’s all new episode!

HDNB’s DOTW Submission

Episode 104 – The Intern

Episode 104 – The Intern

It’s a very special Episode 104 as Spaghetti gets his TRDS Internship Interview! Ray’s got new liquor; The problem with mug cakes; Rem’s firing another guy; Ray can’t get a Switch; Spaghetti’s YouTube channel; Voicemails; Thinking With Your Dickman; a drunken Dick of the Week; did TRDS turn into Liquor Fueled?; and so much more! Get in there and listen!

Episode 103 – Pig Virus

Episode 103 – Pig Virus

Rem and Ray are back for an OG TRDS!

Ray still doesn’t have a couch and Rem is watching Tiger King; How does Ray choose cologne if he can’t smell?; What is Rem’s political philosophy?; Confronting Svenson – live!; Voicemails; New Bumpers; Thinking With Your Dickman; Dick of the Week; Selling your crap on Facebook and So. Much. More!

Episode 102 – Flaming Coronavirus

Episode 102 – Flaming Coronavirus

It’s Episode 102 and we’re joined by Madcucks! Well, Tab. But Tab is great! We’re the source for all your Hot Couch Talk; Rem complains about mental illness; we discuss the lack of nuance in the coronavirus discussion; how coronavirus is making people crazy; the long term effects of our lockdown; a hearty discussion of current events; epic rants; voicemails; and Thinking With Your Dickman! All this and more on this super entertaining episode!

The Bestest Documentary In The Universe

Episode 101 – Big Handsome Man

Episode 101 – Big Handsome Man

It’s 101 and we’re joined by Angus Maple and Berries N Cream! We talk to Angus about being a normal guy getting into porn; some behind the adult scenes; friendly fire; the science of a DP; Berries asks about dads; Rem’s anxiety drugs; Coronavirus life; Ray gets a dick pic; a new t-shirt store, DOTW, and more! Berries is a treasure and Angus wasn’t in on the joke! Check it out!

Episode 100 – #TRDS100

Episode 100 – #TRDS100

It’s Episode 100 and it’s a celebration of you, the listener! And a penis contest. Mr Porno Man and Randy battle head to head, DOTW, and guests include Sara Star, Elisa Mae, Tom and Cody from Roast Mortem, Jessica Lust, Madcucks, and all of our chatroom listeners!

This is our love letter to you, our listener. Without you, literally no one would listen to this nonsense. ❤


Thank you.

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