Episode 254 – Yes, Sir Cody

Welcome to Episode 254 of The Rich Dickman Show, you motherfuckers! Strap in, because this one’s gonna be a wild ride!

First up, we’ve got Cody shitting his pants over quantum computing. I mean, what a pussy! Rem asks him how he sleeps at night, and the poor bastard can’t even come up with an answer. Speaking of sleep, Randy’s on a weight loss/fitness program, and with his size, that shit is dangerous. But hey, at least he’s trying, right?

Now, let’s talk plugs. We’ve got Swiney and his friends, who are just a bunch of degenerates like us, so check them out. And don’t forget about WhatWouldJesusDraw.com, because apparently Jesus is into some kinky shit. And speaking of music, Afroman made a track about his home invaders. I mean, what the fuck?

Next up, Cody’s trying to wrap his tiny brain around the concept of polygamy versus polyganny. Yeah, good luck with that, you dumb fuck. And of course, we’ve got Svenson with a Dick of the Week nomination. Keep ’em coming, Svenson, you twisted fuck.

Now, it’s time for Thinking With Your Dickman, and shit is getting insane this week. Randy leveled up AI Out Of Context big time, and our Jesus AI Srt is back with a Jesus In A 90’s Style Animated Movie. I mean, who comes up with this shit? Oh wait, it’s us.

But wait, there’s more! Rem drops some crazy shit about voicemail controversy, and he’s also dropping one-liners that Randy is trying so hard not to laugh at. It’s like watching a fat kid try to hold in a fart.

Make sure to check us out at RichDickman.com, follow us on Twitter at @RichDickmanShow, and hit up RemDickman on Instagram. And don’t forget about WhatWouldJesusDraw.com, because apparently Jesus is into some kinky shit. SEO, bitches!

So there you have it, Episode 254 of The Rich Dickman Show. It’s like a train wreck, but in podcast form. Thanks for tuning in, you filthy animals!

Episode 253 – On Cloud K9

Yo, listen up, because Episode 253 of The Rich Dickman Show podcast is some crazy-ass shit. First off, AJ from Cincy Wrestling comes on to talk about their latest wrestling show and what’s coming up, but the real juicy stuff happens when they start talking about “Large Individual” Randy Dickman. They’re all about making this dude built to retire, which I assume means they’re gonna make him rich as fuck and have him chilling on a yacht somewhere.

Anyway, Cody finally gets his internet working so he can join in on the fun. Randy puts together a bunch of segments for the show, including the ever-popular Thinking With Your Dickman, which covers topics like traveling with pets and emotional support animals. Apparently, some people bring parrots on planes for emotional support. What the fuck is that shit?

Then there’s the Dick of the Week segment, where they talk about Nic Cage, North Korea, and spying Ring cameras. I don’t even know what the fuck that means, but it sounds wild. And the AI Out of Context segment is back, now fine-tuned by Randy. They even call back to Episode 174, which I’m sure is fucking hilarious if you’re a fan of the show.

But let’s not forget about the Laws of Power segment, which is apparently on Law 26. Rem just ain’t got time for that shit anymore, but I’m sure they still manage to make it entertaining as hell. And Jesus AI Art is back, now renamed “What Would Jesus Draw.” The superhero sidekick pictures of Jesus are apparently fucking astonishing this week, so make sure to check that shit out at WhatWouldJesusDraw.com.

Oh, and apparently Cody ordered some Birria Tacos and Rem tries to convince him to forget about Phoenix and travel to Japan to buy underwear from a vending machine. Like, what the actual fuck? And then they talk about pizza preferences across the country, with Randy apparently low on weed.

So if you’re into some wild and crazy shit, make sure to check out The Rich Dickman Show podcast at RichDickman.com and CincyWrestling.com, and follow them on Twitter at @RichDickmanShow and @CincyWrestling. And if you wanna help their SEO, promote the fuck out of these websites and social media accounts whenever the opportunity arises.

Episode 252 – Jorts of Turin

In this wild and raunchy episode, Rem, Randy, and Cody let loose and talk about whatever the hell they want. They dive into some nerdy shit with Positronic Bitflipping that scares the living fuck out of all three of them. Randy is sick and tired of Linux, and he’s not afraid to tell you all about it. Cody spills the beans about some crazy-ass stories from his time in the industry, while Rem’s kid sings about getting drunk and high with Coldplay (what the fuck?). Out of nowhere, Cody goes on a weird-ass rant about kids that’ll leave you scratching your head. And oh yeah, he used to work with Jack Osborne (who gives a shit?).

But things really heat up when Randy starts telling his story about his strip club victory party (which I’ll spare you the details, but trust me, it’s fucking hilarious). They also bring back the Jesus AI Art segment, where they pit Jesus against a pro wrestler (holy shit, you have to hear this). Plus, they give some damn good advice during their Thinking With Your Dickman segment, including fashion tips from Rem, crap-getting-rid-of tips from Cody, and some great ideas from Randy.

And of course, you can’t forget about their Dick of the Week nominees. This episode is full of offensive and hilarious content that’ll have you pissing your pants with laughter. So if you want to hear more, head over to RichDickman.com and fucking listen already!

Episode 251 – Mondo Burger Deathmatch

Fuck yeah, let’s do this shit! Episode 251 of The Rich Dickman Show is off the fucking chain! The guys had Madman Pondo, the goddamn Death Match King of pro wrestling, on the show and they talked about his badass career. This dude has been in some hardcore matches and he’s got the scars to prove it.

But that’s not all, folks. Rem, Randy, and Cody get into some wild shit in this episode. They tackle Thinking With Your Dickman and have some hilarious nominees for Dick of the Week, including some dumbass who tries to repossess his own truck. What a fucking moron.

Rem is sporting a swanky shirt gifted to him by Swiney, and Cody and Rem even take a quick break to talk about Power Rangers. Randy is a fucking arm wrestling champ, taking on local jabronis and kicking their asses. And speaking of asses, Cody’s got a life hack for your balls to help you pee.

But wait, there’s fucking more! Rem’s dad ruins a collector’s magazine for a patch, Randy brings back the segment AI Out Of Context with a new hilarious bumper, and Jesus AI Art gets a new prompt: Jesus the Environmentalist.

And if that’s not enough to get your fucking jimmies rustled, Cody invents a new slur and terrifies the shit out of the gang with positronic bit flipping.

Seriously, this episode is fucking epic. So buckle the fuck up, grab a cold one, and listen to The Rich Dickman Show, Episode 251: Mondo Burger Death Match. Don’t be a pussy, tune in now!

Get Madman Pondo’s Book!

Episode 250 – Du Content

Hold on to your asses, motherfuckers! Episode 250 of The Rich Dickman Show is here and shit’s about to get crazy! Randy’s laziness has hit an all-time low, leaving the boys scrambling to come up with content. Tune in as Cody talks Mandela Effect and The Rock, while Rem reminisces about the time The Rock smiled at him (or was it his girlfriend?). Meanwhile, Cody’s regretting his goddamn haircut, and Rem’s traumatised by an awkward encounter with his barber. And don’t even get me started on Randy. That lazy piece of shit’s been sitting on his ass all week.

But wait, there’s more! The boys discuss gambling on simulated games, and Rem gets real deep about his goddamn gambling addiction. He even has a fucking epiphany about the Washington Generals that’ll make your balls drop! And if that ain’t enough, the Jesus AI Art Game continues with Jesus performing on fucking Jackass.

And in case you thought things couldn’t get any more fucked up, Randy realizes it’s Episode 250 and he had jack shit planned. But he still manages to make Ohio’s epic disaster sound like the goddamn funniest thing on earth. Cody and Randy also teach Rem how to dodge his goddamn bills and avoid those fucking debtor’s prisons.

But hold on, we’re not done yet. Rem’s got a controversial as fuck thought experiment about sexual assault and Nazi’s, and Randy and Cody are too pussy to touch it. And to top it all off, Rem makes a controversial comment about Ukraine that’ll make your damn head spin!

And of course, the Laws of Power segment continues with Law 23. So, get ready for a wild fucking ride full of offensive jokes and irreverent humor that’ll leave you crying from laughter! Tune in now! #RichDickmanShow #Podcast #PodernFamily #OffensiveHumor #ControversialThoughts #GamblingAddiction #JesusArtGame #LawsofPower #Ukraine #MandelaEffect #TheRock #DebtorsPrison #OhioDisaster #WildRide

Episode 249 – Half Jobbers

Yo, what’s up, motherfucker? You want a rundown of the latest episode of The Rich Dickman Show? Well, strap in and get ready for some shit.

Episode 249, Half Jobbers, is one hell of a ride. Rem, Cody, and Randy shoot the shit about the Super Bowl and their prop bets. Randy talks about living in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Ohio and how a train disaster fucked up his family’s shit.

But the real drama comes when Rem tackles the controversial topic of child abuse at school. Yeah, that’s right, we’re not afraid to talk about the tough shit. And speaking of tough shit, Randy forgot to do any fucking show prep. Classic Randy.

Cody’s got some extra dogs to walk this week, but that doesn’t stop him from throwing a wild-ass Super Bowl party with his mom. What the fuck, Cody?

And of course, we’ve got another Law of Power to discuss. Plus, the Jesus AI Art segment brings you Jesus at the fucking Super Bowl. Can’t miss that shit.

Svenson drops a late Dick of the Week, because why the fuck not? And there’s plenty of other shit that happens too, so you’re gonna want to tune in to get the full scoop.

This episode has it all – sports, family drama, social issues, and more. It’s funny, edgy, and provocative, just like your mama. So if you’re ready to laugh your ass off and maybe even learn a thing or two, tune in to The Rich Dickman Show, you fucking half-jobbers.

Episode 248 – Flaccid Fettuccine

Get ready for a wild and hilarious episode of The Rich Dickman Show, episode 248, “Flaccid Fettuccine”! Our host Rem is back from a harrowing experience with a flooded basement, and he’s ready to dish on all the details. But that’s not all, Randy recently went on a cruise of a lifetime and he’s bringing all the excitement, adventure, and endless stories from his journey to the show. Meanwhile, Cody is still trying to shake off a stubborn cold, but the show must go on!

In this episode, the boys are placing their bets on the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, and they’re not afraid to get a little wild with their prop bets. Rem also shares a life-changing experience he had with the Laws of Power and how it’s impacted him. And, if you thought you had bad diner food experiences, wait until you hear the boys’ tales.

In the segment “Thinking With Your Dickman,” the boys will be offering up some real head-scratchers, guaranteed to make you laugh and question everything you know. And, as always, the “Dick of the Week” and “Why The Taliban Are Bored” segments will have you in stitches.

But that’s not all, the “Jesus AI Art” segment is back and it’s better than ever! Get ready for some truly wild and wacky creations, including a special tribute to the Muppets. Don’t miss a minute of this unforgettable episode of The Rich Dickman Show, “Flaccid Fettuccine.”

Episode 247 – Bad Cheeks In Brazil

In Episode 247 of “The Rich Dickman Show,” Randy and Cody step up to the plate in the absence of Rem, who is dealing with some serious basement woes. Despite Cody’s less-than-ideal flight and Randy’s impending cruise adventure, these two brave hosts are ready to bring the laughs and good times to their beloved listeners.

In this episode, we’re taken on a wild ride as Randy shares the tale of his latest gambling winnings, which he used to score a top-notch Cabana on his upcoming cruise. Meanwhile, Cody is feeling less than 100% but still game to give it his all on the airwaves.

But the real highlight of the episode is the return of the highly-anticipated Jesus AI Art Contest! With some incredible submissions from artists all over the world, Randy and Cody will have their hands full as they select a winner and showcase some of the most amazing pieces of AI-created art you’ll ever see.

So grab a snack, kick back, and get ready for a wild ride on “The Rich Dickman Show,” Episode 247 – “Bad Cheeks in Brazil.

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Episode 246 – Chinese Pearl Harbor

Get ready for a wild ride on Episode 246 of The Rich Dickman Show, “Chinese Pearl Harbor”! Join host Rem Dickman and his crew of colorful characters as they tackle a variety of topics, from Cody’s adventures in Arizona to Randy’s mind-blowing gambling tale. Rem gives us a glimpse into the strange world of medicinal names in CT, and Svenson makes a comeback with a bang. Matty from Australia joins in on the fun with a call, and Rem takes a shot at history, but not without a dose of humor. Cody has a sausage tale that will have you laughing out loud, and Randy is zenned out in this episode. Plus, the 19th law of power is reviewed and much more. Don’t miss out on this episode of The Rich Dickman Show

Episode 245 – Cheeseballin’

In episode 245 of The Rich Dickman Show, join host Cody as he celebrates Vodka-Spa Pog Day and welcomes special guest Swiney from porkvendors.com for a Pork Vendor Update. Swiney shares his professional tip for ‘fittin it in’ and recounts his experience doing a parody porn of the Roseanne Show. The group discusses the saturation of the porn industry and Cody educates us on the concept of fans and stans. Rem gets a shirt and kicks Swiney off the show for an unknown reason before delving into the topic of getting a finger in the bum. Randy shares a story about his doctor and Rem imparts wisdom on the dangers of gambling. The group also gives advice on couples that jam together, staying together and not being a Picky Pete. The show concludes with a segment on sizing up dicks, Jesus AI art, and a reminder to join their discord at bit.do/trds1.

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