Episode 139 – Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas! Rem, Ray, and Randy hit the mics this week to help you get your holiday celebration started! Rem had to battle the ‘rona and the stupid protocols around it; Ray tries to acquire a Roomba; Rem gets away with a liquor crime; Did you know politicians are bad?; Clickbait and how to focus beyond it; Looking back and celebrating 2020; the boys offer their Christmas wishes; and so much more! Get into this one because Rem woke up on purpose for it!

Episode 138 – Handi-Pass

It’s shot night! The boys are doing shots this episode to keep their spirits up and oh boy, does this episode have shades of Liquor Fueled all over it. Crippled Jesus joins us to talk about virtue signal marketing, playing poker, handi privilege, and all sorts of insight into his life experiences. Rem talks about future video, Ray talks Elf on the Shelf, Randy gags, a crazy Thinking With Your Dickman, and a whole bunch of other stuff that happens that the three hosts just can’t remember enough of to write a proper episode write-up. But hey, we tried. Enjoyed this drunken penultimate episode before Christmas!

Episode 137 – Second Place Penis

Press Play – Sara’s in here. 😉

It’s finally here – Episode 137! Rem & Ray are joined by special guest Sara Star; Rem foreshadows; porn gets dangerous; creating TRDS porn; reminiscing about D.A.R.E.; weighted blankets; Celine Baron dancing; Rem & Randy drone on about wrestling; Randy gags so much it makes Rem’s foreshadowing come full circle. That and so much more on this weeks episode!

Episode 136 – Rem’s Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Rem! Join the gang as Ray and Randy pull together a smorgasbord of TRDS All-Stars to wish Rem a happy 40th birthday! Appearances from our friends, including NFHC, Adam, Cody, Svenson, Tanks, Kristen, and Matty. Thinking With Your Dickman and golden dildos; Formatting a show; waiting for midnight; Matty almost got arrested at wrestling; Rem reflects on turning 40; Rick & Morty D&D; and so much more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 135 – Thankful 3

Hey Everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! Rem & Ray are back with Randy for our annual Thankful episode! Rem, Ray, and Randy tell you what they’re thankful for this year! Here’s a spoiler: one of those things is YOU! We’ve got voicemails, Ray’s quarantine journal, Thinking With Your Dickman PLUS Rem tells you what is wrong with Canada and why the Warcraft sound guy is a dick! We’ve got new favorite songs plus the Neighborhood Watch Domestic Abuse Unit! Thanks for another year of being there with us!

Episode 134 – High Insight

It’s Episode 134 and Rem & Ray are joined by Randy & Spaghetti! We find out who Ray’s replacement is; Rem was on the news; Ray’s kids were on the news; Spaghetti’s Panda adventure; Ray fought the ‘rona; YMCA Hot Tubs; DOTW with Svenson and Chad; Randy’s Waffle House; Sports team politics; TWYD – Meth Making; Drug Tourism; Randy’s Highly Insightful Medicine; Mama Rem went to the hospital; Spaghetti’s Midas Touch; and so much more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 133 – Making Lists

Got post-election blues? Well Rem and Ray have you covered! Did you know we loved socialism? The tooth fairy visits Ray again; Recapping the election; Dave Chappelle and How I Learned to Love Again; Why the hate?; Svenson pops in to provide a counter argument; a heated but productive discussion ensues; We’re still friends!; Ray forgets a past episode bit; Rem’s stupid brother-in-law strikes again; How soon is too soon for Christmas?’ Covid test role-play; Rem talks shit about former co-hosts; and So. Much. More! What are you waiting for? Get in there!

Episode 132 – Decision 2020

Join Rem and Ray as they welcome correspondents from all over the country to discuss Election 2020, November 3 of the year 2020! Adam from Houston, Matty from Australia, Svenson, Isaac, Cody and Tom from Roast Mortem, and a special guest appearance from Sara Star with Erection 2020 coverage!

Episode 131 – Vegas Baby Yeah!

We’re doing the goddamn thing! 131 is here and Ben (Formerly Lignar of the Epic Podcast) joins to talk secret World of Warcraft forums! We reminisce about the good old days when WoW Dev’s used influencers to their advantage! Rem tries to get Ben to talk some ISH; Vegas, Baby!; Hot teacher video chat; Californian Thanksgiving; Joe Biden is being abused; Ray’s kid is absent yet present; Ray gets drunk at the airport; Crazy election toothbrushes; and so much more! Don’t miss this one, especially if you were a WoW player! (Or if you enjoy drunken Rem rants)

Episode 130 – Personal Experience

Episode 130! Adam from Houston returns to spike a rating and talk prison! But first, Rem has a rebuttal to The Personal Experience Podcast! The tooth fairy visits Ray; Ray thinks Huell is a valet; Adam got a soundboard; Rem is forced into election predictions; Rem can sew; Legal marijuana and stocks; Matty from Australia wakes up in time to say hi; Adam got on The Dick Show; Adam talks prison experience and tells prison stories; Thinking With Your Dickman; HDNB’s Dick of the Year nomination; and so much more! You don’t want to miss this one!

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