Episode 126 – Big Fat Buds

This week it’s ‘What Could Have Been’ as Jay from The NFHC Podcast finally hops on board the TRDS train! Take a trip to Arizona and learn what it’s like to live in Minecraft; Learn all about cannabis cultivation; Weekly Segments return!; Randy gives bad investment advice; Growing a beard; How to handle bad roosters; Backing over a gas pump; Voicemails; and so much more! Get in there – hope you like dogs!

Check out Jay on The Not For Human Consumption Podcast, every Tuesday!

Episode 125 – Fuggo

Seeking balance, Rem & Ray are joined this week by HDNB, who brings a refreshing new perspective. Matty sucks; Catching up with Mars; Phytt is alive?; RBG; Ray is a feminist; Toilet inventions; Spaghetti sucks at trolling; Rem makes more cooking videos; Ray ignored Rem; TWYD – How to be a male pornstar; HDNB shows off her news reading skills for DOTW; How much money to disappear?; Mr HDNB making pizza; Rem’s father berates his workers; Voicemails; Rem forgot to do Svenson’s new segment; the Washington Monument is sexually oppressive; The downfall of society and so much more! HDNB shines in this all new episode!

Episode 124 – Moving Sucks

This week Executive Producer Randy fulfills his lifelong dream of podcasting with Rem; Rem wakes up early; Ray moved; Voicemails; TWYD & numerous advice nuggets; Shower beer; Criminals pick their punishment; Gender confusion; 9/11; Rem’s brother in law speeds; Ray is ungrateful; Randy offers insight. Listen to Ray podcast from his brand new, not set up, non studio!

Episode 123 – More Stupider

It’s Episode 123 and Grant from Thought Cops joins us once again, bringing audio issues all his own! (We’re very sorry – technology is fighting back)

Rem and Ray catch up with Grant; Black Panther tshirts; Ray’s moving; The Chicago Flag; People from Chicago; Pizza war; Rem gets into a Twitter fight; Grant teaches Rem how to twitter; Ray makes a new wrong number friend; A Randy Poll; Dick of the Week; Thinking With Your Dickman; Skype sext advice; Rem got a physical; and much more! Power through the crunch and there’s some stuff to enjoy!

Episode 122 – Clown World

Episode 122 is smacking your earholes with everyone’s favorite subject…Rem and Ray’s observations of the Clown World we’re living in! (We promise it’s only the first 35 minutes…) But yeah, Ray is on fire; technical difficulties; CBD; Ray drunk texts Rem; Ray baits Ray into politics; Rem went to dinner; Rem’s kid gambles at Dave and Buster’s; Aussie Correspondent Update; Drive Thru Dick of the Week; Manscaping, Or How God Taught Us To Shave Our Dick Hair; Voicemails; and so much more! Get in there, have fun, and tell your friends!

Episode 121 – Hustlin’

It’s 121 and everyday we’re Hustlin’! Adam From Houston returns to the show this week to talk hustling illicit substances, handling money in a gang, users, sex, guns, stocks, a two day acid trip, and more! Ray had a bad week; Rem exploits Wal-Mart; Ray argues on the internet; Rem sees his stylist; Aussie Correspondent update; volunteers; TWYD; Voicemails; and Rem coaches Ray on how to deal with the idiots around you. All that and so much more on this week’s jam-packed episode!

Episode 120 – Disappointmentville

Episode 120 – Disappointmentville

Rem returns! The power is on and Rem and Ray are BACK for Episode 120! Missing a show; Ray plans a murder; Rem solves a Rubik’s Cube and he almost died; finding old files; Ray is getting ready to swing; Swingers YouTube; Thinking With Your Dickman; Voicemails; The origins of Rich Dickman; saving a dogs life; Mr Porno Man returns; HaleyXOXO; Spaghetti’s judgement; one way aisles; and so much more! Get the hell in there!

Episode 118 – Testosterbros

Episode 118 – Testosterbros

Episode 118 is coming in your ears and you won’t want to drink it! Rem recaps Ray’s visit to NFHC; Matty has a birthday; Spaghetti visits to talk about his new job and get a new name; job advice; Rem is a lover of all people; Adam from Houston calls in to talk New Haven, Hustling, and Shooting People; Voicemails; Ray has herpes?; Dick of the Week; Rem gets eaten by a bear; and so much more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 117 – The Wet Bed

Episode 117 – The Wet Bed

Our favorite Sexy Swingers, Eros and Isis of The Priory Society, return to The Rich Dickman Show! This one is full of great stories and advice! We talk about swining during the ‘rona; getting back to Vegas; setting up a meet; Rem’s finger in mouth fetish; Swinger Insurance; testosterone; swinging horror stories; setting up a bar; taking swinging selfies; how to produce ropes; and so much more!

Check out Eros and Isis at PriorySociety.com

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