Episode 235 – Rem’s A Bitch

Rem’s out sick this week.

Rem also screwed with the recording days. Randy had to go camping and Cody got stuck alone in Hawaii. So Randy and Cody pulled it together for an episode that’s part TRDS and part Stony Curiosity!

Something different this week – enjoy!

Episode 234 – Randy’s Lucky Streak

Wild times abound – Randy has himself quite an adventure. Hear his story of love, addiction, loss, addiction again, more loss, some love, and friendship along the way. All right here on The Rich Dickman Show! Cody wants to know what your stony shower is like; Did horror movies change?; Rem celebrates Diwali; Kanye West And A History Of Misadventure; The 6th Law of Power and the debate that ensues; Dick of the Week; and much more! Get in there, learn, love, and grow with us!

Episode 233 – Boned Voyage

Hey there! Well, things got a little messed up, boy-howdy. Ole Buddy Rem never made it to O-K-C! Want to know why, partner? Well, take a listen and he’ll tell ya! 

Rem details his travel woes; Cody doesn’t know when he’s leaving Alabama; Cody has a choice to make; Randy went to Dynamite; Switching Places with Ron Jeremy; Too Much Access In The Age Of The Internet; and more! Get in there!

Episode 232 – Casket Strength Whiskey

It’s the season premiere! (Or so says Randy)

Cody is a southerner now, out in Alabama; Rem has to travel and doesn’t want to; Randy is wearing a robe; Voicemails return!; Svenson sends in a special DOTW, just for the show!; Asian roosters; Rem went to a farm; Randy gives unsolicited advice; and more!

Episode 231 – Unaltered & Depressed

Episode 231 hits your ears and this week, it’s a little bit something else! Randy takes the reigns this week as Rem has caught some sort of weird illness; Cody takes the boys on a deep dive of Scooby-Doo and How Important Shaggy Is; Randy mulls a promotion; Rem gambles some more; Have You Ever Had A Bounty Hunter Dream, with Cody; and much more! Get in there, have some fun, think about some things, and doggone it, go out there and change the world!

Episode 230 – $50 House Call Randy

Matt from the Not For Human Consumption podcast returns! We discuss his love of penis shaped foods, the etymology of “glizzy”, a new puppy, and more! Randy committed a hate crime and lost his job; Cody remembers Coolio; Rem remembers Michelle Pfeiffer; Randy yells at Cody; Adoption And Its Unintended Consequences; Video games; Streaming; Behind the NFHC scenes; and much, much more! This is a packed episode that goes long and because of that I can’t remember what we did! But I’m sure there was more, so check it out!

Episode 229 – King F*cker

Randy’s a bit under the weather and Cody’s trying to think of things to talk about, but that won’t stop Rem from insulting Fantasy Football! Fantasy Football sucks; Rem’s gambling journey (listen ‘til the end!); Cody has a recurring dream; Trying to identify ass; Randy tells some stories; TWYD – Your Boyfriend Likes OnlyFans and Taking Care Of Olds; Real Man Shit; plus even more stuff happens! Check it out!

Episode 228 – Kung-Fused Panda

Walter from Not For Human Consumption podcast returns! Apparently LSD isn’t bad! Randy’s high on Covid; Catching up on Marvel and why Peacemaker ruined it for Rem; Cody brings in a game for the boys to play; TWYD – selling nudes and leaving a cooking mess; Dick of the Week; Catching up with Walter; and more! Plus more than that but I’m getting really bad at write-ups!

Episode 227 – B(l)ong Winded

Hey there! No one really remembers what happened in this episode but we managed a few notes: Randy throws up; “You guys made me narrate f*cking essays” – Cody; Randy told some pizza stories; Cody describes the perfect killer; Rem said something cool; And even more stuff happened than that! What we do remember is having a hell of a time recording it so it must be something you’ll like listening to!

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