Stony Curiosity Hour #7 – 2 Birds, Done Stoned

Cody and Randy fly solo in this one and give you a special look into what is normally a Patreon exclusive – Stony Curiosity Hour!

Travel the depths of minds and thought experiments as Cody and Randy guide you on a tour of their minds…on stuff that makes you think more!

Episode 220 – Aggressively Polite

Randy & Cody are on something and Rem is in for it this week! 220 is here and the laughs are aplenty! Did you know Cody hates polite people?; Randy’s vacation inconveniences Rem; The Problem With Fireworks; Pikachu fireworks; F1; Randy’s delivery vehicle catches fire; A guy runs for congress and threatens to shoot racists; Shotzi leaves Twitter; Octobooty Counterfeits; Irish jokes and Randy’s racism; Rem wants to leave the internet; and more! Sit back, relax, and have a laughy good time!

Episode 219 – Randy’s Truck Nuts

219 comes and it’s a Happy Fourth of July! Pride month comes to an end – don’t forget to change your flags to the next current thing! Randy’s on vacation; Godzooki?; Wearing belts; Rem remembers Marconin; A Canadian Destroyer is a nonsex F150; Cody’s looking for monitors; Randy’s Truck Nuts; Elmo got vaccinated; The legend of Excalibur; M Night Shamalan sucks;The Amish; Some hot chick had sex with a young dude; Rem remembers his first girlfriend; Scam calls; Cody reads a text; Cody did cooking; and much more! Celebrate our independence with TRDS!

Episode 218 – The Full Randall

218 is here and we’re gettin’ weird! Wired? Let’s have a few drinks and catch a buzz – where were you for Y2K? What was your first conspiracy? Randy broke the law; In Minecraft; Weenie The Pooh; Rem and Cody worry for society; Randy eats a cup; A bunch of other stuff would go here if Randy actually took notes like he should…

Enjoy! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 217 – Murder Boners

Episode 217 is live and we hate Randy’s edit! Or do we? Rem is sorry for being a dick; Cody works Randy’s edit button; Randy went to wrestling; Randy plugs in his car; Dale Earnhardt died once and Rem watched; Cody makes chicken parm; Randy had KFC in Kentucky; Rem doesn’t know his chicken sandwiches; Rem went to a funeral; making a new friend and dreading it; and more! (There’d be more notes but Randy is bad at taking notes) Get in there and have fun with your favorite podcast friends!

Episode 216 – Podcast Friend Search 2022

Episode 216 drops and with that is The Great TRDS Podcast Friend Search of 2022! Randy has poked the boys into going out and making new friends! Cody has an attack of ricotta cheese; What is the reverse of QAnon?; Spaghetti wants attention; Rem had a death in the family; Randy gets Cody’s confused; Are you PRIDE enough?; What is Ball Toner?; TWYD returns; Why You Should Never Trust Anyone On The Internet; The Library of Babel; Rem’s internet is shit; What is me?; and more!

Episode 215 – ImPRESSive

Episode 215 is LIVE but we’re not live. We’re far away…but that’s okay! Randy is flexing his EP muscles, running the board and doing…press? Yes! Randy does on location interviews! Cody and Randy recap their trips; YouTube sleep music; INSA; The first dick pic; Rem calls Kristen; YouTube shorts; Randy got new toys and shows off; the grocery store robot; getting your money back; and more! Check this one out!

Episode 214 – We’re Live!

We’re Live! And in Person! Episode 214 emanates from the fabulous Hilton Garden Inn in Wallingford, CT, as Rem and Randy join Cody in his hotel room to broadcast together, for the first time ever, together and in person! (Since we were all so excited, there’s some audio issues – not terrible, but they exist and we apologize) Listen in as Cody and Randy detail the struggles it took to get there; Ritual Bestowing Of The Gifts; going out to dinner; Visiting Massachusetts; Ali G; Randy went to get a pizza; Cody loves the laws in CT; Women’s clothing sizes; and so much more fun. This was an amazing experience and we had an absolute blast recording and being able to bring this to you!

Episode 213 – Smells Flammable

Episode 213 is live and we are very, truly, deeply, absolutely sorry. In the course of doing business, sometimes an idea is acted upon that shouldn’t have been and this is that idea. It’s a “shots” episode and, well…yeah. 

Randy’s friend John joins the show to offer a very unique perspective on things. Matty from Australia pops in as well. John gives the scoop on what to expect when meeting Randy; Circumcision and Why It’s Amazing; Rem seeks advice on how to quit gambling; Randy promo’s upcoming TRDS events; and then the liquor gets the best of us. Good luck to those of you attempting to make it to the end. Let us know if you did!

Episode 212 – Rem Does Sara’s VR

Sara Star returns to discuss her trip to Exxxotica in Chicago! Rem asks the hard hitting questions and previews a clip of Sara Star’s new Virtual Reality video! We also discuss the “interesting” visitors a porn convention attracts. Pepsi Nitro; Rem and Randy pitch sci-fi ideas to Cody; Rem went to Raw; Ben & Jerry’s ruined ice cream; A discussion on circumcision; Some stupid ducks fell into a storm drain; How much gambling is too much gambling?; The VR market and the Metaverse kinda sucks; and more! Be sure to check out Sara Star!

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