Episode 115 – Family Friendly Show

Episode 115 – Family Friendly Show

Rem and Ray kick it OG style on this all new, Family Friendly episode! Dave recaps his visit; Ray is buying a house; Rem has lunch with Mama Rem; Rem’s crusade continues; Non erotic dentist visits; The Sara Star T-Shirt Saga; Jack in the Box; Voicemails; Proper Dick of the Week; Thinking With Your Dickman; Speaking Australian; Rem gets drunk and shits on his friends; plus so much more! 

Episode 114 – Prince Albert

Episode 114 – Prince Albert

Oh hello there, didn’t see ya. Thanks for coming by to enjoy Episode 114! Could this be the last? Dave from Not For Human Consumption stops by to talk about Prince Albert’s, our weekly segments, giving advice, Rem broke his computer, how to strengthen a chin, paying for birth control, Mr Porno Man again, and so much more! Oh, a Marconin update too! Get in there!

Episode 112 – Ass. Producer Chris

Episode 112 – Ass. Producer Chris

Assistant Producer Chris joins Rem in studio for Episode 112! Ray does birthday parades and booze fairies; Rem got his dogs footprint; Chris got tested for ‘rona; Rem had a prostate exam once; Chris learns how to podcast with his monologue; Father’s Day sucks; voicemails; getting sleep; vilified police officers; TTT advice; opinions on world events; and Mr Porno Man returns! Also, tons of technical issues! Have fun with this one!

Episode 111 – Mack Daddy

Episode 111 – Mack Daddy

This week we’re joined by Larry Bleidner of That Larry Show – published author, TV writer, and VO guy! If you’re a man or identify as one, you do not want to miss this show. Ladies are welcome too! We talk about giving advice; sh*tting on fathers; circumcision; raising kids in porn valley; cancel culture; bonding over fishing in CT; advice for being a man; CHAZ; voicemails, Thinking With Your Dickman; Mr Porno Man returns; Rem has sad news; and so much more! Episode 111 is jam packed!


The Larry Show

Episode 110 – Bumper Porn

Episode 110 – Bumper Porn

Episode 110 is here and features a fascinating Adult Performer Roundtable! Rem and Ray are joined by Sara Star, Jessica Lust, Swiney, and Eric Dikkersun to discuss the current state of the adult industry, where it may be headed, how to get it going again, improv during scenes, working together, Rem’s porno name, and the King of Clubs, amongst many other things. It’s a great look behind the current with good friends of the show. Ray gets yelled at for being bad at mailing things, Randy leaves a voicemail, Svenson has a DOTW, Rem’s friend got drive-thru weed, the most ignorant HIV conversation ever, and protests. This one is jam packed so get the hell in there!

Episode 109 – I’ve Never Killed Anybody

Episode 109 – I’ve Never Killed Anybody

Vito Gesualdi of YouTube fame joins for Episode 109! Vito, the most successful transgender YouTuber, known for “vaping” Belle Delphine’s bath water and The Last Jedi/Rise of Skywalker Cinematic Failure videos talk to Rem and Ray about Star Wars, creating videos, going viral, and devloping an accent. We also talk about medication, protecting the old people during Corona times, protesting with Pepsi, not killing people, being a centrist, and demanding apologies. We also come to terms with discovering unknown heritage, making ethnicity your identity, why being Jewish is great, and what it takes to be a successful YouTuber.

Check Out Vito On YouTube!

Vito on Twitter

Episode 108 – Dick On TRDS

Episode 108 – Dick On TRDS

It’s the episode we’ve been building to, 108! (The real podcast was the friends we made along the way) Dick Masterson joins Rem and Ray! We talk about podcast breakups; Dick’s journey through comedy; 90’s style; becoming untouchable; fighting the ‘rona; messed up TV deals; Crippled Jesus stops by with a dog and a Tinder romance; international travel; voicemails; Dick Tips on picking up women; the power of lying; sharing porn with Dick, and so much more! It’s Dick as you’ve never heard before, and Rem and Ray are there too!

Episode 107 – Tube Of Felt

Episode 107 – Tube Of Felt

Episode 107 hits your feeds and Rem got a new iPhone! Rem finds old TTT emails and TTT reviews; Rem’s making memes; birthday’s; babies are the worst; Ray’s porno idea; The Problem With Mexican Food; Sara Star makes an impromptu guest appearance for a porno pitch; voicemails; Buster needs put down; how to avoid surprise parties; Dick of the Week; and the unfortunate return of Mr Porno Man!

All this and so much more! Oh, by the way, Sara really is a Star!

Episode 106 – Scat Man

Episode 106 – Scat Man

Well, we had some audio issues this week. Not terrible, but not your usual Rich Dickman Seal of Quality. We apologize!

It’s double trouble this week as @CrippledJesus from the Holy Rollers podcast and @MattNisbet from the NFHC podcast join us. Everyone gets drunk; is CJ a protestor; Matt & Rem level up cooking; women are hot in masks; and too much more to list! Or remember!

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