Episode 176 – Cleaning The Drain

We’re doing the goddamn thing for 176! Angus Maple returns to the show to chat about getting the call for sex; friendly fire; critiquing your performance; Rem is back from vacation with a hot tub story and bikini concerns; a BTS update; Epic Insanity died; TWYD and DOTW are back; Randy interrupts Rem; Voicemails; The Taliban and The Texas Taliban; the connection between trans and BBW porn; and more! Don’t miss this one! 

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Fantoy Comics

Comics On The Can

Cultural Junk Drawer

Episode 175 – Non Profit Secret Society

We’ve got an interesting episode for you this week, friends! Randy got a little tipsy so we had to…well, you’ll hear. It’s almost a double episode! Randy apologizes (again); Pro Wrestling; Rem remembers American Gladiators; Do we have free will?; TWYD, DOTW; Spaghetti returns!; Fake News: The Game returns; Tanks tries to read a news story; Randy makes a spectacle of himself; Rem tries to hold it together; talk about abrupt endings! Normally we say “don’t miss this one” but we’re not saying that this week!

Episode 174 – What The F**k Did You Think Would Happen?

Episode 174 gets big! Cody returns and Adam is back to join Rem and Randy on an adventure through things! A discussion episode, of sorts. Cody talks Hawaiian tourists’ Rem makes Taliban jokes; What the fuck did you think would happen?; Weed boutiques; Tattoos and How I Learned To Love Again; Adam got a therapist; Parenting advice; Destroying other people’s property; BTS update; DOTW; Randy and his grandma; Randy’s rivals; and more! Get in there! Tell your friends!

Episode 173 – Stranger’s Haircut

Randy’s back on the sauce! And boy are his nipples brown. Cody McCann joins Rem and Randy for another episode of TRDS! Randy is celebrating working from home; Cody went cross country; Dick pic scare; Rem got pulled over; TRDS: Behind The Scenes; Matty called; Cody can’t get his computer; Shrimp 24/7; Fake News: The Game; TWYD – Batman; Haircuts; Time Travel; Rick & Morty review; Randy philosophizes; Randy’s nipples show up, and more! Tanks breaks Rem! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 172 – Pineapple Juice

Episode 172 is sliding down your ear canal with the gorgeous Alexxxis Allure! Alexxxis talks to Rem & Randy about getting started in the adult business, working with Rodney Moore, running your adult business, and more behind the scenes tidbits! Stage names; Hey Baby weirdos; Piercings; a weight loss contest update; Feeding; TWYD and the taste of it all; DOTW vaccine scammers; Rick & Morty review; Starting the TRDS OnlyFans; Voicemails; Nudist colonies; and much more! Get into this episode now because Alexxxis is just fantastic!

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Episode 171 – BananaRanders

The Banana Republic of Randy – he’s out of control! Welcome to Episode 171 and returning to TRDS is Walter from Walter’s Wall of Woe! Rem comes out hot, firing off a response to Jules’ appearance on The Instance; Randy interrupts; Catching up with Walter; Randy interrupts; Trevor tells his story of that fateful first appearance; Randy interrupts; Fake News: The Game with Tanks; Randy interrupts; Rem talks He-Man, Walter talks MCU; Randy interrupts; Thinking With Your Dickman involves a third testicle; Randy interrupts; Our weekly Rick & Morty review; and much more! Don’t miss this one because your friends are listening to it and you don’t want to be left out, do you?

Episode 170 – Pixar Face

Episode 170 and it’s Rem & Randy Ramblin’! We’re talking neck hairs and the last ten weeks; Ohio has Presidents and Connecticut schools them; Randy’s roommate; Podcast history; The Blizzard lawsuit; Rem’s favorite quote; Thinking With Your Dickman; Rem goes to the Dentist; Randy went to local wrestling; Jesus Christ The Wrestler; Rick & Morty review; Revisiting Episode 0; Listening to another podcast; and so much more! Don’t miss out and definitely don’t sleep on this one!

Episode 169 – The Biggest Loser

Sexy 169 and we celebrate with Travis of RoastMortemCast! We have a huge contest announcement! Adam from Houston invites himself in; Fake News: The Game; We learn more about Travis; Travis teaches us history; Content mills and their effects on people; Rock & Morty review; Voicemails; When your having fun but your dick isn’t; Rem’s thoughts on body positivity; and so much more! Do NOT miss this one and check out Travis on RoastMortem!

Episode 168 – Wedding Aficionado

Heart of Tanks joins for his birthday! And we have huge news! We talk Rem’s demands for a wedding; Rem gives advice; Randy gives better advice; The Greek Alphabet; Randy-Tanks; Randy yells at Tanks; What is authentic cuisine?; Streaming ServicesBeing Assholes; Fixing society; Voicemails; Rick & Morty Review; Randy yells at Tanks again; and so much more! This is a fun one – check it out!

Episode 167 – Wrestling Inc

Episode 167 is sliding down your ear canal and with it brings one of Rem and Randy’s true loves – pro wrestling! Zach Perez of Wrestling Inc joins the crew to talk about crazy internet wrestling fans; Getting started writing online’ wrestling experiences and memories; Dick of the Week gets pissed; Thinking With Your Dickman goes wrong; Canceling Macho Man; Voicemails; An AI Phone Call; Rick & Morty; Randy finds a local promotion; Rem knows more about where Zach lives than Zach does; and much more! Mark out!

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