Episode 245 – Cheeseballin’

In episode 245 of The Rich Dickman Show, join host Cody as he celebrates Vodka-Spa Pog Day and welcomes special guest Swiney from porkvendors.com for a Pork Vendor Update. Swiney shares his professional tip for ‘fittin it in’ and recounts his experience doing a parody porn of the Roseanne Show. The group discusses the saturation of the porn industry and Cody educates us on the concept of fans and stans. Rem gets a shirt and kicks Swiney off the show for an unknown reason before delving into the topic of getting a finger in the bum. Randy shares a story about his doctor and Rem imparts wisdom on the dangers of gambling. The group also gives advice on couples that jam together, staying together and not being a Picky Pete. The show concludes with a segment on sizing up dicks, Jesus AI art, and a reminder to join their discord at bit.do/trds1.

Episode 141 – Vito

Vito Gesualdi returns to TRDS for Episode 141! We talk buying a YouTube following; Belle Delphine graduates from bath water to porn; how to review movies; Wonder Woman 84; The Star Wars Universe; broken video games and Games Journalism; Vito’s real job; cuckoldry; Ray made a video game; Aussie Update; TWYD; buying a video game store; and so much more! Get in there and have fun! It’s all the things YOU enjoy!

Check Vito out!

Vito’s YouTube

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Episode 138 – Handi-Pass

It’s shot night! The boys are doing shots this episode to keep their spirits up and oh boy, does this episode have shades of Liquor Fueled all over it. Crippled Jesus joins us to talk about virtue signal marketing, playing poker, handi privilege, and all sorts of insight into his life experiences. Rem talks about future video, Ray talks Elf on the Shelf, Randy gags, a crazy Thinking With Your Dickman, and a whole bunch of other stuff that happens that the three hosts just can’t remember enough of to write a proper episode write-up. But hey, we tried. Enjoyed this drunken penultimate episode before Christmas!

Episode 100 – #TRDS100

Episode 100 – #TRDS100

It’s Episode 100 and it’s a celebration of you, the listener! And a penis contest. Mr Porno Man and Randy battle head to head, DOTW, and guests include Sara Star, Elisa Mae, Tom and Cody from Roast Mortem, Jessica Lust, Madcucks, and all of our chatroom listeners!

This is our love letter to you, our listener. Without you, literally no one would listen to this nonsense. ❤


Thank you.

Episode 14 – Speakerphone


Episode 14!

Rem is solo this week…until Mama Rem calls in!

Rem tells us where Huell is and when he’ll be back. Rem saw monster trucks and went to NYC. Cold sent in an article (see below for link) about an Uber driver live streaming his riders on Twitch. During that, Mama Rem calls in! Rem talks to Mama Rem about life, t-shirts, legalizing marijuana, politics, and all sorts of fun stuff! Try to enjoy this Huell-less episode and he’ll be back next week!

The Uber Driver Article



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So, first, thank you all so much for listening.  It really is a joy to do this once again and it’s exciting to build something like this and watch it grow.  I bought a new computer today so things should really start to take off! I have plans to stream on Twitch (twitch.tv/richdickmanshow) and begin uploading clips of the show to YouTube (I have yet to set that channel up).

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