Episode 76 – Butt Slaps For Everybody

Episode 76 – Butt Slaps For Everybody

Episode 76 has landed and it’s quite a doozy. Be warned, Rem spends too much time talking about Blizzard, Hong Kong, China, and politics! Call (860) 316-4776 if you disagree and leave a voicemail! Ray talks fantasy football, nerds, washing his wife’s car. Rem and Ray discuss the problem with pumpkin patches. Ray almost gets evicted and Rem has a twitter fight with Scott Johnson. Dick of the Week including mowing the lawn at bad times and a Mexican Mayor being dragged behind a truck. Ray poops on a joke. Dick Tips, including the importance of Pizza Toppings. Thinking With Your Dickman and reviewing an entry from Mr. Porno Man. All that plus much more including Ray revealing a little too much about himself!

Episode 74 – Rem Does Porn

Episode 74 – Rem Does Porn

The boys are back and this episode begins by making you wish you were eating sushi and ramen, then takes a turn for the boring with Ray’s WoW Classic update; Rem almost got scammed using Facebook; Dick of the Week, featuring testicle-biting; unsexy haircuts; advice to anyone smuggling exotic animals or who has issues wetting the bed; Mr Porno man invents skydiving porn; Nerdy 90’s dancing; And why the Ninja Turtles are the only ones who can save New York City!


Episode 73 – Pig Sauce

Episode 73 – Pig Sauce

We chat with Swiney from Swiney’s Pro-Am about his history in the adult film industry, what it’s like to shoot these days, how he books talent, how scenes are arranged, pay scales, how to start in the business, the AVN Hall of Fame, Shane Diesel, and the evolution of pornography.

Grant from Thought Cops joins as well to talk about preparing for a Marathon, the Thought Cops podcast, Dick of the Week, how much our sperm is worth, Dick Tips, and much more. You don’t want to miss this amazing and informative episode!

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Episode 72 – Dirtiest Porn Ever

Episode 72 – Dirtiest Porn Ever

Rich Dickman has provided funds for bourbon once again and so we bring you Episode 72! Rem made a YouTube video; Ray’s brother in law gets advice for his trip to Mexico; Ray talks about Fantasy Football; Rem spent an evening with Chris O’C; The problem with coupons; Isaac leaves us a voicemail; A man called the police to demand his weed back; Popeye’s introduces the BYOB; we review the Dirtiest Porn Ever; Rem writes Climate Change porn.

All this plus drunken ranting and laughter! It’s everything you could ever hope for in an all new episode of The Rich Dickman Show!

The Dirtiest Porn Ever

Rich Dickman Presents: The Spicy Wing Challenge


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Episode 71 – Carnitas & Queso

Episode 71 – Carnitas & Queso

Tom, Cody, and Mike from Roast Mortem Cast join Rem and Ray on this fantastic episode. Learn all about RMC and all the fantastic work they do and listen as Rem dives a little deeper with questions about Cody living in Hawaii and hear a man crush develop instantly once Rem learns about Tom’s former job. What’s it like writing wrestling entrance music and working for SyFy? We talk about why leaving voicemail is dumb, where Huell is, and they stay for Dick of the Week! Rem has a case of mistaken identity; Rem and Ray hang at the mall?; the problem with ranch dressing; and Ray’s fantasy football adventures. All this and so much more!


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Episode 70 – Carry This Strap

Episode 70 – Carry This Strap

Welcome to Episode 70, where Rem and Ray are in their refractory period after a steamy Episode 69. The guys bring in Isaac Jackson to talk about the buzz surrounding WoW Classic’s release this week; Ray plays dentist while Rem plays VR; the fair receives mixed reviews; is Philly the armpit of America; Dick of the Week; the return of Silvio; what would you tell the 2012 version of yourself; updated Patreon tiers, including custom merch!



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Episode 69 – Topless Sunbather

Episode 69 – Topless Sunbather

It’s episode 69 and we’re ready to subvert your expectations! Rem and Ray revisit their chaotic weeks that led to recording a day late; doctors visits; movie theater nonsense; a fair debate; smart speakers; leud sunbathers; sex in the woods; when to take care of business before a date; and an indepth review of Iron Eagle with role play!




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Episode 68 -Three Or Four Jacks

Episode 68 – Three Or Four Jacks

Episode 68 is our sexiest episode yet! Eros and Isis of The Priory Society podcast join us once again as we dive deeper into the swingers lifestyle! We talk about the troubles of maintaining an erection, safe words, penis envy, bad experiences, and body image issues. We also get a little dirty and talk about body fluid etiquette, different types of people who swing, how Rem and Ray would do, and what to do when one partner finishes before the other. We also talk about the difference between Wal-Mart and Target, Ray Had a Baby, and Dick of the Week!

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