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Rem Dickman

Rem Dickman is a veteran of podcasting, starting with Tauren Think Tank in 2012. He quickly graduated to the infamous Liquor Fueled Podcast, which was the centerpiece of the Stormride Cast podcasting network. While Liquor Fueled benefited from a meteoric rise due to its groundbreaking content, trouble lurked in the shadows. Trouble reared its ugly head as the fame and liver damage went directly to Rem’s head, which got too big for its own good (much like his penis is too big for his britches). This led to a messy breakup with his Tauren Think Tank co-host. Rem’s low point was reached when his Liquor Fueled co-host, Phytt, tragically died in a canoeing accident.

It was a couple years later when Rem met Rich Dickman, who quickly realized that Rem may have been down, but wasn’t out. Rich Dickman offered Rem a podcasting opportunity as the face of all Rich Dickman Enterprises media, which coincided with Rem’s current story of redemption.

As much as Rem Dickman may have found redemption, it hasn’t been without its trials and tribulations. Even Rich Dickman Enterprises isn’t immune to the troubles of this world, as Rem’s former Liquor Fueled cohort and Rich Dickman Show co-host, Huell Houser, joined ISIS. Fortunately, Rem’s supreme talent meant that there were a plethora of co-hosts waiting to take Huell’s place, and Ray Dickman joined the show as Rem’s sidekick.

Today, they have the most successful podcast the world has ever known. This is a testament that if you set your sights on something, you can accomplish it – even making cooking videos to upload to YouTube.

Ray Dickman

Years ago, Ray started listening to Rem on Tauren Think Tank and then followed him to his projects on the Storm Ride cast. Betting on himself, Ray volunteered his services to create bumpers for Rem as he did his “Vote For Ben” campaign in 2015. Three years later, Ray found The Rich Dickman Show and quickly became a top contributor, even guest hosting when Huell was unavailable or joining as a third chair when asked. When Huell departed TRDS in April of 2019, Rem asked Ray to join on as co-host (definitely not main host) and he eagerly accepted. Since becoming a permanent member of TRDS, Ray has found his joy making bumpers and complaining about other people. Ray even changed his last name to Dickman, meeting his contractual obligation and letting everyone know he was ‘all in’.

Ray lives in California with his hot ass wife and three children. Pray for Ray as he battles the third world every day, avoiding forest fires, high taxes, and an ever increasing incompetent work force around him.

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