Episode 261 – By Thor’s Chocolate!

Alright, you magnificent motherfuckers and buckaroos, strap in and brace yourselves for a balls-deep, no-holds-barred, thrill-ride into the madness that is The Rich Dickman Show’s 261st episode, “By Thor’s Chocolate!” This ain’t your goddamn Sunday School nor your grandma’s podcast summary, it’s a goddamn whirlwind of wackiness.

Our trio of half-witted yet sassy hosts, Randy, Cody, and Rem, kick off this shitshow with all the grace of a three-legged mule in a moonshine-fueled square dance, shooting the breeze about everything from the fuckery of food allergies to the sheer madness of Southern biscuits and gravy. Randy pulls a heartstring-tugging tale out of his ass about his late dad, a candy bar, and the ocean, which is about as coherent as a drunken sailor on shore leave.

They bulldoze into personal topics and uproarious discussions, including the thrilling world of sleep apnea, the battle of the bulge, and the sheer goddamned ecstasy of being home. As the chocolate-pimping Willy Wonkas they are, they shill some Icelandic delight from Omnom Chocolate, promising this cocoa-filled joyride will hit the U.S. soon, specifically at Whole Foods, for all you uppity foodies.

Despite some technological shitstorms and fuck-ups that’d make a Luddite feel vindicated, they push through to give us a sneak peek of their upcoming “Rich Dickman Chocolate Draft 2023.” They’re not sugarcoating their distaste for certain ingredients – they’re as subtle as a punch in the dick, and the anticipation is as palpable as a stripper at a bachelor party.

They then charge into a Trump discussion like a horny rhino in a tutu and a bull in a china shop, keeping the political pot stirred while adding some spice to this batshit bonanza. They manage to throw in some technical snafus with Cody, because what’s life without a little schadenfreude?

The crowning glory of this shit parade and pièce de résistance is the “Rich Dickman Chocolate Draft 2023,” where our intrepid fuckwits duke it out over a smorgasbord of exotic chocolates that sound as indulgent as a Kardashian on a shopping spree and as ecstatic as a rollercoaster of taste buds.

From vegans wreaking havoc at a barbecue like PETA on steroids, to fishermen as deceitful as a politician’s promise, and from corrupt Long Island politicians to the awkward application of hemorrhoid cream in a public pharmacy, this episode covers every batshit crazy topic under the sun. They even squeeze in a fake ad for the “Watchamacollit 3000,” a device so versatile it might as well be a Swiss Army knife on steroids.

So here it is, folks: Episode 261: By Thor’s Chocolate! It’s a wild, fuck-filled ride through the twisted minds of The Rich Dickman Show hosts. It’s as edgy as a razor blade, as unpredictable as a coke-fueled squirrel and a monkey on meth, and as slightly better than mediocre as a drunken karaoke rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Tune in, if you dare, you magnificent bastards!

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