Episode 259 – DeadPets.Com

Welcome back, you filthy animals! Buckle up for the most outrageous episode 259 of The Rich Dickman Show: Deadpets.com, featuring the triumphant return of the one and only, Steven! Can you believe it? He’s back, and we’re losing our minds over here!

In this wild ride of an episode, our hosts tackle a motley crew of topics, from giving advice to Jumpy Jillian about getting down and dirty in public without getting caught, to discussing a listener’s morbid obsession with taxidermy. They even delve into the bizarre world of BrewDog beer, which is bottled inside taxidermy squirrels. As if that wasn’t enough, the idea of strapping a Roomba to a dead raccoon and sending it off to a battle bot competition has us questioning our own sanity.

Then there’s Miller High Life, the so-called “champagne of beers.” The hosts roast Belgian customs for destroying 2,300 cans of this precious brew, wondering if someone just wanted to drink it all. They also kick off a hilarious segment called “What Would Jesus Draw?”, imagining Jesus as a firefighter in various bizarre scenarios, such as marrying another firefighter just for the health insurance.

But the pièce de résistance is the return of Steven, who graces us with tales of his upcoming entourage-filled trips to Malta and Monaco. The hosts joke about Maltese language and Monacan people, while also sharing their own hilarious stories, like Cody’s seafood adventure with his girlfriend and his embarrassing pizza-eating incident at a doll-sized table.

So get ready for an episode that will have you laughing, cringing, and questioning the very fabric of reality. And remember, if you love what you hear, leave a review and tell a friend! Because nothing brings people together like bonding over dead raccoons and taxidermy squirrels.

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