Episode 255 – IKEA Guillotine

What’s up, you degenerate bastards? Welcome to the fucking circus that is Episode 255 of The Rich Dickman Show, also known as “IKEA Guillotine,” ’cause why the fuck not? So, these chucklefucks start off jawing about how the best video games are based on the stupid shit they liked as a kid, like Pokémon, Mega Man, and catching bugs in Japan. Holy nostalgia, Batman! They also whine about video game glitches and secrets, and how they’ve basically traded their souls to YouTube.

Then these loons dive headfirst into the clusterfuck of podcast proliferation. They pull this ass-backwards theory out of their asses that the pandemic caused everyone and their mother to buy audiovisual equipment and start spewing content everywhere. They talk about how OnlyFans took off like a goddamn rocket, and people getting called by their stage names at work – ’cause, you know, separating your hoe life from your 9-to-5 is crucial, people!

But wait, there’s more! They venture into the treacherous territory of making friends in college, being a single parent, and the absolute shitshow of balancing work and family life. They offer some weird-ass suggestions like joining an anime club or FETLife to meet people. Like, what the actual fuck? For the single parents out there, they ramble about food prepping, ramen juicing, and other bullshit. This podcast is like a fever dream, but at least these nutjobs are having a blast!

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