Episode 249 – Half Jobbers

Yo, what’s up, motherfucker? You want a rundown of the latest episode of The Rich Dickman Show? Well, strap in and get ready for some shit.

Episode 249, Half Jobbers, is one hell of a ride. Rem, Cody, and Randy shoot the shit about the Super Bowl and their prop bets. Randy talks about living in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Ohio and how a train disaster fucked up his family’s shit.

But the real drama comes when Rem tackles the controversial topic of child abuse at school. Yeah, that’s right, we’re not afraid to talk about the tough shit. And speaking of tough shit, Randy forgot to do any fucking show prep. Classic Randy.

Cody’s got some extra dogs to walk this week, but that doesn’t stop him from throwing a wild-ass Super Bowl party with his mom. What the fuck, Cody?

And of course, we’ve got another Law of Power to discuss. Plus, the Jesus AI Art segment brings you Jesus at the fucking Super Bowl. Can’t miss that shit.

Svenson drops a late Dick of the Week, because why the fuck not? And there’s plenty of other shit that happens too, so you’re gonna want to tune in to get the full scoop.

This episode has it all – sports, family drama, social issues, and more. It’s funny, edgy, and provocative, just like your mama. So if you’re ready to laugh your ass off and maybe even learn a thing or two, tune in to The Rich Dickman Show, you fucking half-jobbers.

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