Episode 248 – Flaccid Fettuccine

Get ready for a wild and hilarious episode of The Rich Dickman Show, episode 248, “Flaccid Fettuccine”! Our host Rem is back from a harrowing experience with a flooded basement, and he’s ready to dish on all the details. But that’s not all, Randy recently went on a cruise of a lifetime and he’s bringing all the excitement, adventure, and endless stories from his journey to the show. Meanwhile, Cody is still trying to shake off a stubborn cold, but the show must go on!

In this episode, the boys are placing their bets on the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, and they’re not afraid to get a little wild with their prop bets. Rem also shares a life-changing experience he had with the Laws of Power and how it’s impacted him. And, if you thought you had bad diner food experiences, wait until you hear the boys’ tales.

In the segment “Thinking With Your Dickman,” the boys will be offering up some real head-scratchers, guaranteed to make you laugh and question everything you know. And, as always, the “Dick of the Week” and “Why The Taliban Are Bored” segments will have you in stitches.

But that’s not all, the “Jesus AI Art” segment is back and it’s better than ever! Get ready for some truly wild and wacky creations, including a special tribute to the Muppets. Don’t miss a minute of this unforgettable episode of The Rich Dickman Show, “Flaccid Fettuccine.”

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