Episode 247 – Bad Cheeks In Brazil

In Episode 247 of “The Rich Dickman Show,” Randy and Cody step up to the plate in the absence of Rem, who is dealing with some serious basement woes. Despite Cody’s less-than-ideal flight and Randy’s impending cruise adventure, these two brave hosts are ready to bring the laughs and good times to their beloved listeners.

In this episode, we’re taken on a wild ride as Randy shares the tale of his latest gambling winnings, which he used to score a top-notch Cabana on his upcoming cruise. Meanwhile, Cody is feeling less than 100% but still game to give it his all on the airwaves.

But the real highlight of the episode is the return of the highly-anticipated Jesus AI Art Contest! With some incredible submissions from artists all over the world, Randy and Cody will have their hands full as they select a winner and showcase some of the most amazing pieces of AI-created art you’ll ever see.

So grab a snack, kick back, and get ready for a wild ride on “The Rich Dickman Show,” Episode 247 – “Bad Cheeks in Brazil.

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