Episode 245 – Cheeseballin’

In episode 245 of The Rich Dickman Show, join host Cody as he celebrates Vodka-Spa Pog Day and welcomes special guest Swiney from porkvendors.com for a Pork Vendor Update. Swiney shares his professional tip for ‘fittin it in’ and recounts his experience doing a parody porn of the Roseanne Show. The group discusses the saturation of the porn industry and Cody educates us on the concept of fans and stans. Rem gets a shirt and kicks Swiney off the show for an unknown reason before delving into the topic of getting a finger in the bum. Randy shares a story about his doctor and Rem imparts wisdom on the dangers of gambling. The group also gives advice on couples that jam together, staying together and not being a Picky Pete. The show concludes with a segment on sizing up dicks, Jesus AI art, and a reminder to join their discord at bit.do/trds1.

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