Episode 244 – Random Poke-Fu

On The Rich Dickman Show Episode 244: Random Poke-Fu, the group discusses a variety of topics including the revival of 90s words, the Transformers franchise, firework wars in Hawaii, smuggling gold to avoid taxes, and how to handle an inherited treasure map. The show also covers job promotion woes and mentions several people or groups including DOTW, Elon, Trump, Meth Heads, the LA Clippers, Joacim from Brockport, and Rem’s security guy. There is also a segment on Damar Hamlin and a recount of a phone conversation between Rem and Randy. The show includes an AI Out of Context segment from a Christmas special covering Frosty the Snowman, envelopes, slackers, a poem, and a wife banger. The show ends with a discussion on a Jesus AI art segment, Jesus vs. a giant Japanese fighting robot, Dickman Con 2023, and Mecha Jesus.

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