Episode 243 – He Who Is Without Sith

It seems like Episode 243: He Who Is Without Sith is a mix of various topics and discussions. The episode begins with Randy and Cody sharing their experiences with food, with Randy having a controversial lava crunch cake and Cody having a horror story about them. Rem is mentioned as hating crunch cakes and eggs. The group then receives a letter from Rich Dickman giving Randy the Dickman Award for Excellence. Rem is also shown to be fawning over Wagyu and not wanting to go to Arby’s.

The episode also includes a discussion about Jesus Christ AI art, with Cody talking about Mac and cheese and a breakfast burrito in great detail. Rem is mentioned as getting drunk at the in-laws’ and becoming the Grinch. The group also helps someone pick a vacation destination and Randy brings politics into the conversation by discussing beer and Cody gives advice on how to enjoy Beerfest.

The group also offers advice on how to pick a phone case and debates various “Dicks of the Week,” including The Cops, The Child Labor Board, NFTs, Rem’s wife, and Randy. The show also includes The 48 Laws Of Power Segment on the idea that scarcity can make someone more valuable and give them an aura. The AI Out of Context segment includes mentions of generic white people, cream of mushroom soup, and effective jellyfish use. Rem is also shown to rant about ridiculous results in the Republic.

Towards the end of the episode, Randy remembers his lava crunch cake and Cody mentions wanting to make slutty Wagyu meatballs. Rem is mentioned as getting all sappy and the group banters to end the show.

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