Episode 242 – Homeless Robot

The Christmas Episode!

The Rich Dickman Show Episode 242, also known as  “Homeless Robot,” was a jam-packed episode filled with a variety of topics and discussions. The show began with a catch-up on the SBF saga, and the hosts brought up the genius of Norm McDonald and his many funny jokes. Rem pitched a pivot for the show after episode 301, and the hosts covered how to look busy when your boss gives you nothing to do. They also gave advice on what to do when your chair is uncomfortable.

The show then turned to a discussion of Rick and Morty and the legalization of cannabis in Connecticut. Randy went deep on his tenure at Taco Bell after Rem had a bad experience there. The hosts also talked about a cop in Iowa who asked for 90 machine guns for just three people and the strange phenomenon of “dognappers.” Rem talked about restoration channels on YouTube, while Cody reflected on giving his toys away.

The show continued with Rem sharing a magical Christmas wish about politics and a discussion on whether it will be “The Gun Dealer,” “The Dognappers,” “The Frenchman,” or “The Florida Man” for Dick of the Week. There was also a segment on AI without context with a random voice from episode 42. Rem accused Mariah Carey of some shit, and Randy died during the “48 LOP” segment. Rem and Cody also talked about massages in exotic places, and Svenson wanted the hosts to discuss separating the art from the artist.

Towards the end of the episode, Rem read an ad for the National Wrestling Alliance and declared himself bulletproof against his family’s sickness. The hosts made Christmas wishes for next year, and Cody rebuffed Rem’s offer to help him with his culinary skills. The show finally came to a close after a diverse and entertaining episode.

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