Episode 240 – Kristen’s Wife Randy

The Rich Dickman Show Podcast – Episode 240: Kristen’s Wife Randy

Join us for Episode 240 of The Rich Dickman Show Podcast, where we cover a range of topics, including how to cut sandwiches, Cody’s dislike of surprises, and an interview with AJ from Cincy Wrestling. We also discuss gimmick matches, Cincy Wrestling’s upcoming event in Lawerenceburg on March 10, 2023, and Rem’s family photo plans. Other topics include Cody’s Mom’s Island, AI and cannabis, and what Jhun-Yi should eat for dinner. The episode also covers stealing guac, the “dick of the week,” and offering hugs before knifing someone with Law 12. In addition, Randy surprises Cody with a new MechaCody, Cody pitches a Netflix series, and Cody’s mom gets a new pig-killing dog. Don’t miss it!

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