Episode 239 – Let’s Go Cricket Team!

Episode 239 of The Rich Dickman Show: Let’s Go Cricket Team!

It’s Cody’s Birthday Show and we didn’t go all out. Cody runs the vacuum while Rem defends himself against Matt from NFHC. Cody is proud of Randy…for a second, and Randy has gifts – new bumpers! Randy mistakenly spells “shit” right, so we discuss making AI bots to carry on the podcast. McDonald’s messes Alexa up, and we learn not to mess with Taylor Swift as we give AI a shot at the intro. Cody gets a Steam deck to play Half Life 2 while Randy tries to pass school uniforms as a prank; Rem messes with his son, and Stephen who hides a spider and makes people pee their pants! A math major needs help with an avocado problem – avocados are from Mexico – but Rem saves the segment without answering it. Take calculator 55378008 and turn it upside down; then solve this complicated problem about rats that has Cody being quite dickish for 20 minutes before Stephen addresses crypto situation & Epstein didn’t Epstein himself (the literal devil does VO for our new bumper). Learn how keeping people dependent on you gives power & Matty watches cricket with money on line before Steve Irwin’s Drop Bear Episode discussion ensues followed by Cocaine Bear talk & Pidgins carrying molley in NYC where Svenson weighs in with great comment before Cody gets gift while teaching Rem Buddhism to end the show.

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