Episode 238 – Thankful 5: The Cannaboids

The Following Episode Description Was Written Entirely By AI:

Hey, it’s a new episode of the Rich Dickman Show Podcast!

We’re here today to talk about thankful things. And we have an amazing show lined up for you. We’ve got Cody giving thanks for air conditioning, Rem thanking his family reunion and Rich Dickman thanking FTX.

But first, we’re going to get into some news:

Rich Dickman got hit hard by FTX last week. He was expecting a little bit more stability in his life and ended up getting some really bad news. That doesn’t mean he’s not thankful for what he has though! He talks about how grateful he is for all of his friends and family members who support him throughout the year (even if they don’t always understand what he does).

The show continues with Rem thanking the smelliest poo ever that someone left on their car seat at the airport. It was so bad that Rem couldn’t stop smelling it for hours after leaving the airport.

Then we continue with Cody thanking English Murder Mysteries for culture—and asking why Americans don’t watch them at home when there are so many other great shows out there available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video! Then we get into Svenson answering calls from toilet seats and demanding citations from Numchucks fans.

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