Episode 76 – Butt Slaps For Everybody

Episode 76 – Butt Slaps For Everybody

Episode 76 has landed and it’s quite a doozy. Be warned, Rem spends too much time talking about Blizzard, Hong Kong, China, and politics! Call (860) 316-4776 if you disagree and leave a voicemail! Ray talks fantasy football, nerds, washing his wife’s car. Rem and Ray discuss the problem with pumpkin patches. Ray almost gets evicted and Rem has a twitter fight with Scott Johnson. Dick of the Week including mowing the lawn at bad times and a Mexican Mayor being dragged behind a truck. Ray poops on a joke. Dick Tips, including the importance of Pizza Toppings. Thinking With Your Dickman and reviewing an entry from Mr. Porno Man. All that plus much more including Ray revealing a little too much about himself!

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