Episode 27 – Fueled By Liquor

Episode 27 – Fueled By Liquor

The best version of Huell is back! Rem is going camping this week and poisoned a kid with a twinkie, Huell is eating General Tso’s and drinking canned Bloody Mary’s, Svenson taught us how to Periscope and asks us a question, Brett Kavanaugh, Huell is on a boat, The RDS Celebrity Death Pool is live, we voicemail one more time, Huell gets personal with Rem and they do math, Rem might be Huell’s Kato Kaelin, an Officer threatened to shoot some kids and got fired, Made Up Movie Trailers, watching real movie trailers, seltzer water and Mexican Coke, and fun!


The Original El Abogado Shirt

El ABogado Shirt in DIfferent Colors

The Celebrity Death Pool

I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island

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