Episode 16 – Fivrr

Episode 16 – Fivrr

Hoo boy, this one’s a doozy! In our most ADD episode yet, Rem tries to keep a show together but Mr Jack Daniels does his best to prevent that and Huell grabs the reigns and pushes the big wheel off road down the hill!

Can we animate the YouTube? Rem’s Asian restaurant hipster theory, Smashing Pumpkins on StubHub, Huell doens’t know pop culture, Rem reveals insecurities, what do our inlaws think of us, the aquarium, Rem’s computer blue screened, who’s muted Rem, Rem’s old friends, Seafood restaurants, Huell couldn’t get his picture taken, Primitive Life is back, Rem tries to talk 3D printed guns, Rem’s anniversary surprise from Huell, Huell learns to use show notes, Mancave comparison – Huell vs Papa Rem, Huell to defend Mama Rem, El Abogado rears his ugly head, and so much more!



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