Episode 11 – It’s A Scroll

Episode 11 – It’s A Scroll

Phase 2 begins with Episode 11. What’s a scroll? Well listen and find out!

This episode starts out with Huell talking about being in consideration for a Justice spot on the Supreme Court. He then reveals that he’s going solo the rest of the week! Can Rem convince him to do a daily Huell doc for release next week?

While we’re at it, Primitive YouTube has had a busy week. Primitive Skills gave us a tour of his land and has his fish pond ready to go. Primitive Life is a father! Are these baby chicks a prelude to him knocking a gal up and giving birth in the jungle? One can only hope!

Kids are crazy. One of Huell’s will be doing MMA soon. Rem took his son to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and had a talk about anxiety.

What can replace Twitter? Why is it such a trash pile? What can Rem do to better curate his feed? A revealing discussion shows us that Huell is an anarchist! Is this even real life?

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