Blog post in which Huell writes about taking THC out of stuff to put it in other stuff and then your belly.

I can’t remember if this is common knowledge or not, but I spent a long time working in the food industry, mainly as a pastry chef.  Because of my experience in that field, I tend to think of making food as techniques, rather than recipes.  Fortunately, when it comes to weed, there are a few techniques that you can use to make some building blocks that you can add to a ton of delicious dishes. There are probably a lot of dishes that you already know how to make that with a little advance planning, you can change into great tasting edibles.

There are two basic concepts when cooking with weed that you need to remember, and once you do, then your only limits will be your cooking skills and creativity.  I am not a chemist, so these concepts are very, very oversimplified, but for our purposes those two things are:


Decarboxylation, or Weed Likes Warm (but not too warm) Hugs

Without going into the chemistry nitty gritty, for raw marijuana to give you the desired effects, it needs to be heated to get all the good stuff from the THC in plant form to a form that your body can efficiently use.  When you are lighting up a joint, this is what you are doing, burning up all that goodness and sucking it up into your lungs.   However, while smoking is a very efficient way to get that heated up THC into your body, it isn’t a super efficient way to get the THC out of the weed in the first place, because THC also get destroyed once it gets too hot.  The THC you inhale is what is produced from its journey from not being heated at all to being combusted and lost.

This is important to think about when making cooked edibles, because we don’t want to make edibles in a way where THC is being heated to the point of being destroyed, but where it is heated enough that it is in a form that can be absorbed by our bodies.  Now that doesn’t mean that we can’t make a marijuana-infused meal that uses high heat methods (such as searing a steak, or a wood fired pizza,) but we do need to think about how we put marijuana in the edibles we want to create.


Which leads us to….


High lipid solubility, or Weed Likes Fat

The THC molecules that we want in our bodies are hydrophobic, meaning that they do not mix with water.  (There are methods used to make mixtures of THC and water-based liquids called nanoemulsions, used to make all kinds of cool weed sodas that you can buy out here, but they might not be the most practical thing to make at home.)  THC does mix very, very well with fat, and that is the basis of most home edible creation.

Fortunately, there are tons and tons of delicious dishes that either already have fat in them, or can easily be jazzed up with fat, like some broccoli drenched in butter, for example.  When we are deciding what to cook with marijuana, the first question we should ask is what kind of fat is either in this dish or can easily be added to this dish, and the second question should be is how do I get the THC in that fat?

By far, the most common way a home cook would do this is by making weed butter, which is why I think you see a lot of baked goods as edibles, like brownies, cookies, etc.   WHICH ARE ALL AWESOME.  However, any fat really should work, and as long as we aren’t overheating things, it should achieve the desired outcome of a great meal that goofs you up a bit.  Once we broaden our range of butter and other fats that we might use, I think you can make some really cool stuff.  Maybe a steak with a round of compound THC butter slowly melting over it?  How about a Caesar salad that gets you floating?  Beurre blanc?  Crème brulee?  FRIGGIN ICE CREAM?!?

Next post, I plan on talking about some common methods for fat infusions using butter, coconut and other vegetable oils, and heavy cream, as well as talking about some other considerations you may have when making infusions, like eliminating strong weed flavors from your finished products.  Hopefully, in the future, I’ll write about some ideas I have on THC infused dishes that might not be as common as a brownie or a cookie, but would be show stoppers at any weed-themed dinner you might put together.  Maybe a weed thankgiving dinner?  Who knows?

I hope you guys enjoyed this hijacking of The Rich Dickman  Show page to indulge my dumb stoner hobby.  I’d love any suggestions, comments, or questions you might have!  Feel free to send me a message on twitter: @wowhuellhowser.


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