Help Support The Show!

So, first, thank you all so much for listening.  It really is a joy to do this once again and it’s exciting to build something like this and watch it grow.  I bought a new computer today so things should really start to take off! I have plans to stream on Twitch ( and begin uploading clips of the show to YouTube (I have yet to set that channel up).

People have asked, “Rem, how can I support the show?”  Easy!  Listen and tell a friend!  Word of mouth is always the best advertising. But if you want to go beyond that, there’s a couple of things:

Our Amazon Link ! By clicking that link you can do all of your normal Amazon shopping at no extra cost and we get a small kick back.

Or you can purchase the all-new, Official Rich Dickman Show t-shirt by clicking The Rich Dickman Show T-Shirt !

Again, thanks so much for listening. Your support helps to grow the show bigger and better than ever!

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