Episode 34 -Partial Diabetes

Episode 34 – Partial Diabetes

Huell returns! (He’s also got a cough!) This week Rem and Huell get back to business with Thinking With Your Dickman; Parenting Dickman Style; Huell’s sexy vacation; NFHC Discord; Voicemails and emails; Huell’s Cannibal Revolution; Starting Fires with Rose Petals; A Serious Discussion About Cannabis; Visiting Colorado; Where Do Fetishes Come From; Bob Ross; and What Huell Should Talk About on Other Shows! All that and more – the liquor hits hard!

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Episode 33 – Hey Jules!

Episode 33 – Hey Jules!

Huell is away banging this week and in his place is @JulesWinfeld from Twitter! Ray brings a unique perspective to this episode where Rem had a birthday; Ray has no sense of smell; Who’s 25% Asian?; Decorating for Christmas; Visiting a dispensary for the first time; voicemail; Ray asks Rem questions about TTT and Liquor Fueled; Warcraft memories; Rem opens up about starting TRDS; Huell’s three things; Ray has Rem read a work email and more!

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Episode 32 – Thankful

Episode 32 – Thankful/Thinking With Your Dickman

Episode 32 is here and we learn what the guys are thankful for! But enough of that because Heyyyyyy Huell, it’s Thinking With Your Dickman! Huell gives advice to anyone looking for some! We learn about Huell’s load jar, voicemails, how to prove a point by eating someone, watching Papa Rem, homemade movie review, actual ASMR, and chocolate covered ribs! (Apologies for the extended ASMR – Rem forgot to turn it off)

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Episode 31 – #Winning

Episode 31 – #Winning

Episode 31 is here with USER GENERATED CONTENT. Rem is a bad father, Papa Rem had a big birthday, we listen and respond to voicemails, we discuss the future of Buster, Rem reads and responds to DM’s, Huell calls Ray, Rem calls Ray, we review another homemade movie, couple of bros sharing, John Morrison on Survivor, men’s health, and so much more!

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Episode 30 – Spitoon

Episode 30 – Spitoon

Episode 30 rises and with it come Rem and Huell! Rem’s got angry whiskey and the show has a voicemail line! They talk TTT 300, epsiode 301?, voicemails, homemade porn review, Huell’s Rubber Duchess, Octobooty, Tattoo’s, explaining poor decisions to children, a vasectomy update, homemade Huell videos, relationship advice with Huell, Rem’s crumbling foundation and anger management. All this and more on this weeks show!

The Octobooty


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Episode 29 – Best Friends

Episode 29

Episode 29 is here and we have a guest! Allan from the Not For Human Consumption podcast joins us to talk about the “controversy” between our shows! We call Patron SirZeroe, we talk Halloween and if Halloween Parties are really a thing, we talk about the migrant caravan and politics! There’s something for everyone this week so put it in your ears and listen!

The El Abogado T-Shirt!



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Episode 28 – Vasectomy!

Episode 28

Supersized this week! Huell got a vasectomy, Rem went camping, Controversy with NFHC, we call Sir Zeroe, mail bombs, Mexican Beards, Doctor Who and Buck Rogers, and Lori_CTR joins us for the second half of the show to accept her Big Dickman Award! She updates us on what’s been going on and jumps in to help talk shit!



Episode 27 – Fueled By Liquor

Episode 27 – Fueled By Liquor

The best version of Huell is back! Rem is going camping this week and poisoned a kid with a twinkie, Huell is eating General Tso’s and drinking canned Bloody Mary’s, Svenson taught us how to Periscope and asks us a question, Brett Kavanaugh, Huell is on a boat, The RDS Celebrity Death Pool is live, we voicemail one more time, Huell gets personal with Rem and they do math, Rem might be Huell’s Kato Kaelin, an Officer threatened to shoot some kids and got fired, Made Up Movie Trailers, watching real movie trailers, seltzer water and Mexican Coke, and fun!


The Original El Abogado Shirt

El ABogado Shirt in DIfferent Colors

The Celebrity Death Pool

I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island

Episode 26 – Voicemail

Episode 26 – Voicemail

We’re back and the best we’ve ever been! A brilliant episode as Rem gets Huell to call various podcasts voicemail numbers and leave live messages! Is it the greatest bit in history? Yes! Also Mama Rem the weed mule, Svenson and Jamtlander, El Abogado shirt, Rem talks crap about a podcast, live Periscope, Crown Jewel, clams, and so much more!

The fire is back so don’t miss it!



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