Episode 46 – Texas Huell

Episode 46 – Texas Huell

Ray (@juleswinfeld) joins Rem and Huell this week!

Rem is in a hotel; Huell deletes social media; Why Western Mass sucks; Ray’s gender is revealed; Ray traumatizes kids; Rem shares a story from training; sharing rooms with strangers; Feedback from Matty; We call Joma; Who to bring back for Huell’s final episodes; our funniest movie review yet; and ideas for Rem’s future in podcasting.

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Episode 45 – Deviled Eggs

Episode 45 – Deviled Eggs

The end is nigh! With just 7 episodes left after this, what do the boys have in store this week?

Contract negotiations continue; Pinewood Derby update; Mama Rem’s birthday; “Huell” had a hell of a week; we attempt to call Joma; we DO call Randy; Dicks of the Week; softshell crabs; Buster update; hot yoga; wrestling and lesbians; religion; dogma; and stealing from petty cash!

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Episode 44 – Stoned #2

Episode 44 – Stoned #2

Huell had an accident this week so in order to meet Mr. Dickman’s mandate, he’s self medicated and on the show! That in and of itself would be cause for a wild ride, but you’re in store for so much more!

Huell learns about Shaggy; He tries to DOXX Rem; Rem talks about the Pinewood Derby; CT Politics; Huell cleans his Twitter; Thinking With Your Dickman just for Matty; Dicks of the Week; a movie review; and Ray joins at the end to pull it all together!

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Episode 43 – Polish Fiesta

Episode 43 – Polish FIesta

Hot Drummer News Babe joins Rem and Huell this week! Listen in and play along as they explore themes like what songs to play when we die; Blizzard layoffs; Dick of the Week; Voicemails; Twitter addiction; Sex And The City comparisons; Peaches; Drinking Out Of Cups; Carny speak; and Ruining Food With Ranch!

Guacamole – The Texas Tornados

Drinking Out Of Cups

Peaches – Vaginoplasty

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Episode 42 – Porn On Paper

Episode 42 – Porn On Paper

We pick up the pieces after The Italian Stallion’s visit! Rem and Huell in another classic that includes:

Phytt Update; Rem’s replacement; Growing up; Dating Huell; Valentines Day; Thinking With Your Dickman; WoW Memories; Secret Huell Vegas Story; A different view of the cannibal revolution; Huell tells you about Threads; Dick of the Week; Creating porn; Huell’s Swinger Clubs; Voltron; Rem’s Dog

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Episode 41 – The Italian Stallion

Episode 41 – The Italian Stallion

Strap in folks, it’s our longest episode yet and maybe one of our best! We start this week off figuring what Rem would do if Huell died; selling out; Huell explains Hellraiser; Dick of the Week; Dicks on Twitter; Huell buying a bike lock. And then the fun really gets going as Rem’s cousin, The Italian Stallion joins! They role play scenes between Rem and Papa Rem; Stallions MMA experience; their childhood together; and Super Bowl predictions. All that and so much more!

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(We apologize for the slight audio issues you may experience. Rem made a slight miscalculation in recording the guest)

Episode 40 – Helicopter

Episode 40 – Helicopter

Episode 40! Huell had a dream and Rem analyzes it; Weather screwed up Rem’s plans; clogged vape pens; TTT Fallout; good heel turns; Royal Rumble predicitions; voicemails; our brushes with celebrity; an extended movie review; our favorite adult stars; why is Rem the Dick of the Week?; and finally, a special extra at the end of the podcast! Rem and The Italian Stallion have a conversation at their annual game dinner!

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Episode 39 – #TTT300

Episode 39 – #TTT300

Hi! This episode, while still slightly better than mediocre, is a bit different. We have our voicmails, emails, and Dick of the Week AND Rem finally tells his story! Learn why Rem left the Tauren Think Tank podcast! Hear the behind the scenes, what led up to it, and what happened after. If you were ever a fan of Rem’s on TTT you’re going to want to hear this episode!

The Space Funeral Mars Mentioned

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