Episode 178 – Anti-Monarchy

Cody returns! And he has an update on TRDS:BTS. Randy got chopped by Jock Samson; Rem got a sty in his eye; Randy and Cody have terrible eye care; Rem searches for tantric massage; Jules goes on a date; Rem got new internet; Cody and Randy measure mics; Dick of the Week is back with Svenson; Thinking With Your Dickman brings back TTT Rem; Mushrooms; and so much more on this week’s ALL NEW episode of The Rich Dickman Show!

Episode 177 – Promo School

Listen here, brother! The Emperor of West Virginia, Imperial Champion of PWC, Jock Samson joins The Rich Dickman Show this week! Jock takes us behind the scenes to his real life and we advocate on his behalf! Jock’s history in the business; Wal-Mart; Jock takes Rem and Randy to Promo School; Fake News; The Game; laying out a match; taking wrestlers to the mean streets; the 90’s are the best decade; Rem tries to join Jock’s entourage. 

Don’t be a mark! Know your role, shut your mouth, and listen to this incredible episode!

Episode 176 – Cleaning The Drain

We’re doing the goddamn thing for 176! Angus Maple returns to the show to chat about getting the call for sex; friendly fire; critiquing your performance; Rem is back from vacation with a hot tub story and bikini concerns; a BTS update; Epic Insanity died; TWYD and DOTW are back; Randy interrupts Rem; Voicemails; The Taliban and The Texas Taliban; the connection between trans and BBW porn; and more! Don’t miss this one! 

Check out Angus‘ links!

Adult Continuity

Fantoy Comics

Comics On The Can

Cultural Junk Drawer

Episode 175 – Non Profit Secret Society

We’ve got an interesting episode for you this week, friends! Randy got a little tipsy so we had to…well, you’ll hear. It’s almost a double episode! Randy apologizes (again); Pro Wrestling; Rem remembers American Gladiators; Do we have free will?; TWYD, DOTW; Spaghetti returns!; Fake News: The Game returns; Tanks tries to read a news story; Randy makes a spectacle of himself; Rem tries to hold it together; talk about abrupt endings! Normally we say “don’t miss this one” but we’re not saying that this week!

Episode 174 – What The F**k Did You Think Would Happen?

Episode 174 gets big! Cody returns and Adam is back to join Rem and Randy on an adventure through things! A discussion episode, of sorts. Cody talks Hawaiian tourists’ Rem makes Taliban jokes; What the fuck did you think would happen?; Weed boutiques; Tattoos and How I Learned To Love Again; Adam got a therapist; Parenting advice; Destroying other people’s property; BTS update; DOTW; Randy and his grandma; Randy’s rivals; and more! Get in there! Tell your friends!

Episode 173 – Stranger’s Haircut

Randy’s back on the sauce! And boy are his nipples brown. Cody McCann joins Rem and Randy for another episode of TRDS! Randy is celebrating working from home; Cody went cross country; Dick pic scare; Rem got pulled over; TRDS: Behind The Scenes; Matty called; Cody can’t get his computer; Shrimp 24/7; Fake News: The Game; TWYD – Batman; Haircuts; Time Travel; Rick & Morty review; Randy philosophizes; Randy’s nipples show up, and more! Tanks breaks Rem! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 172 – Pineapple Juice

Episode 172 is sliding down your ear canal with the gorgeous Alexxxis Allure! Alexxxis talks to Rem & Randy about getting started in the adult business, working with Rodney Moore, running your adult business, and more behind the scenes tidbits! Stage names; Hey Baby weirdos; Piercings; a weight loss contest update; Feeding; TWYD and the taste of it all; DOTW vaccine scammers; Rick & Morty review; Starting the TRDS OnlyFans; Voicemails; Nudist colonies; and much more! Get into this episode now because Alexxxis is just fantastic!

Check Out Alexxxis’ Links!

Episode 171 – BananaRanders

The Banana Republic of Randy – he’s out of control! Welcome to Episode 171 and returning to TRDS is Walter from Walter’s Wall of Woe! Rem comes out hot, firing off a response to Jules’ appearance on The Instance; Randy interrupts; Catching up with Walter; Randy interrupts; Trevor tells his story of that fateful first appearance; Randy interrupts; Fake News: The Game with Tanks; Randy interrupts; Rem talks He-Man, Walter talks MCU; Randy interrupts; Thinking With Your Dickman involves a third testicle; Randy interrupts; Our weekly Rick & Morty review; and much more! Don’t miss this one because your friends are listening to it and you don’t want to be left out, do you?

Episode 170 – Pixar Face

Episode 170 and it’s Rem & Randy Ramblin’! We’re talking neck hairs and the last ten weeks; Ohio has Presidents and Connecticut schools them; Randy’s roommate; Podcast history; The Blizzard lawsuit; Rem’s favorite quote; Thinking With Your Dickman; Rem goes to the Dentist; Randy went to local wrestling; Jesus Christ The Wrestler; Rick & Morty review; Revisiting Episode 0; Listening to another podcast; and so much more! Don’t miss out and definitely don’t sleep on this one!

Episode 169 – The Biggest Loser

Sexy 169 and we celebrate with Travis of RoastMortemCast! We have a huge contest announcement! Adam from Houston invites himself in; Fake News: The Game; We learn more about Travis; Travis teaches us history; Content mills and their effects on people; Rock & Morty review; Voicemails; When your having fun but your dick isn’t; Rem’s thoughts on body positivity; and so much more! Do NOT miss this one and check out Travis on RoastMortem!

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