Episode 82 – Entrance Music

Episode 82 – Entrance Music

Are you a music fan? Are you a wrestling fan? A fan of both? Then this episode is for you! Tom from Roast Mortem Cast joins Rem and Ray to talk about his time making music for WWE. They break down the process, the limitations, and the behind the scenes to what goes in to a wrestlers entrance theme – truly for the music nerds out there! Also there’s discussion on road rage; getting old; what the best part of a song is; emails; Dick of the Week; Ok Boomer; Motza; and Rem apologies to Blizzard fans!

Check out Tom and his Podcasts!

Episode 81 – Garbage & Gold

Episode 81 – Garbage & Gold

For episode 81, Rem and Ray are joined by Lisa and Lindsey from the Garbage and Gold Podcast! We learn some behind the scenes info, we talk favorite topics, lutefisk, broccoli, and we do the Garbage & Gold of Food Network Hosts! Plus the boys talk Disney+, Ray went to Star Wars Land, The Problem with Parking Lots, Dick of the Week, and more!


Thanks to Lisa and Lindsey for joining us this week. Check out their great show on twitter @GarbageGoldPod

Episode 80 – Claws Out

Episode 80 – Claws Out

It’s the big 80 and Matt from the Not For Human Consumption podcast joins Rem and Ray to celebrate with White Claw! We talk NFHC behind the scenes; Matt’s fascination with poop clips; Scammer phone calls; charity streaming; Ray found a new show called Holey Moley; Rem discusses The Problem With No Nut November; Dick of the Week featuring Svenson improv and hitmen hiring hitmen; Mr Porno Man; Seasonal latte’s; laughs and so much more!

Check out Holey Moley

Improv’ed Svenson DotW Inspiration

Mr Porno Man’s terrible submission


Ep 79 – The Angry One

Episode 79 – The Angry One

Rem got angry. Really, really angry. Good luck getting through this one. Randy calls in from Blizzcon but forgot to not get stoned; Ray’s kids sing Lizzo; Rem went trick or treating; Rem got into a twitter fight and ruined the rest of the episode; The problem with Pumpkin Carving; Why Halloween is terrible; Dick of the Week; Ray’s dad and P≥ Dick Tips; Thinking With Your Dickman; and much more!

The Intense Haunted House


Call our Voicemail! 860-316-4776

Episode 78 – Bob Ross & Porn

Episode 78 – Bob Ross & Porn

We got a banger here folks! Two interviews, one podcast, the same Rem and Ray!

First up, Justin and Nathan from the Nothing But A Bob Thang podcast call in to talk Bob Ross, podcasting about Bob Ross, Bob Ross history, why the world needs Bob Ross, and Rem’s love of Bob Ross.

Then adult BBW sensation Elisa Mae calls in to talk about doing porn while living in Vermont, shooting for Plumperpass, creating her own content, and the how and why she got into the business. Also, Rem and Elisa role play a brand new scene!

Check out the links to our new friends!

Nothing But A Bob Thang

Their Twitter

Elisa Mae’s Twitter

Elisa Mae’s Many Vids

Elisa Mae’s OnlyFans

Episode 77 – Feet In My Lap

Episode 77 – Feet In My Lap

Late cancellations force Rem and Ray to divert paths! Ray goes to Santa Cruz and doesn’t play mini-golf; Rem tells a story about Patreon; Ray’s daughter stole cookies; A rude lady and her feet; The Problem With McDonald’s; Dick of the Week; Notorious B.I.G. and Thomas The Tank; YouTube Fun; Dick Tips on holding doors; societal norms when staring at people; and so much more!

Episode 76 – Butt Slaps For Everybody

Episode 76 – Butt Slaps For Everybody

Episode 76 has landed and it’s quite a doozy. Be warned, Rem spends too much time talking about Blizzard, Hong Kong, China, and politics! Call (860) 316-4776 if you disagree and leave a voicemail! Ray talks fantasy football, nerds, washing his wife’s car. Rem and Ray discuss the problem with pumpkin patches. Ray almost gets evicted and Rem has a twitter fight with Scott Johnson. Dick of the Week including mowing the lawn at bad times and a Mexican Mayor being dragged behind a truck. Ray poops on a joke. Dick Tips, including the importance of Pizza Toppings. Thinking With Your Dickman and reviewing an entry from Mr. Porno Man. All that plus much more including Ray revealing a little too much about himself!

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