Episode 156 – Flip Flops

Episode 156! Adam from Houston is back and hoooo doggie is this a banger! Flip Flops! The Audience judges Ray and his poor life choices! Goblins and Valheim; Your Valheim Podcast; Burger King violence in DOTW; TWYD is looking for Mr Dickman…and Jules?; Eating people, eating dogs?; Sensitivity training BS; Voicemails, and so much more! Have a laugh, tell your friends, and leave a voicemail! 860-316-4776

Episode 155 – Whiskey Dick

Matty from Australia joins; fast food sandwich debate; Ray walked 5k; Matty ran 10k; Ray survived Texas; Rem’s suppressed thoughts on being a DJ/life coach; we give IT tech support; voicemails are insane; dingo & other Australian facts; and so much more! 

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Episode 154 – Who Gives An Impacted Shit?

Crippled Jesus and Adam from Houston of the Who Gives A Shit podcast join; Someone keeps a machete next to the toilet; Texas entertainment; Canada sucks; Cats also suck; TWYD about opening a restaurant; Svenson is bored; failed Make-A-Wish requests; how to cancel cancel culture; Ray’s mom, and so much more! Don’t miss this one!

Episode 153 – 8 Ball Ray

TRDS returns to form! (By being funny) And oh boy does this one get wild…

Hot liquor talk!; Rem’s disability; Going to a comedy show; How we change with age; Ray’s sex party; Ray gets fired?; Stories from the Stag Party; DOTW; Hookers and Blow and Hookers; TWYD; The Funniest April Fool’s Prank Ever; Are you circumcised?; Brazilian BBQ; Randy on Rte 32; Voicemails; Sex toy injustice; and So. Much. More! Looking for a jumping off point? Get the hell into this one!   

Episode 152 – Russian Unicorn

Episode 152 has arrived and is there a new host of the show? The boys are playing Valheim this week and Randy gets you updated! Ray has OnlyFans leaks; Rem has his name on a credit card; Rem visits his grandma; A spirited discussion about vaccines; Rem plays a scam call; TWYD about Slim-Jim’s; Voicemails; and so much more! It’s important to be able to have discussions with your friends. Whatever side you take, always be willing to listen. Much Love!

Episode 151 – Ray’s People

Welcome to Season 4 of TRDS! 151 is here and we honor Ray’s people! We attempt to solve hate crimes; Randy apologizes for what he said on NFHC; An intervention for Ray; Waxing assholes at Great Clips; Rem’s teacher meeting; Voicemails; TWYD; the boys are playing Valheim; Ray is a hipster?; Jesus Robert Christ; and more! What happens when Rem stays sober for an episode? Get in here and find out! And don’t forget Randy!

Episode 150 – Hall Of Fame

Episode 150 and it’s Hall Of Fame worthy! Join The Rich Dickman Show, Dylan and Jay from NFHC, and Cody from Roast Mortem Cast as we induct Huell Howser into our Hall of Fame! And to double the pleasure, Sara Star then joins for the world premiere of Rich Dickman’s first ever Non-Porn Porno! Chicken fights; beards as masks; catching up with the guests; Sex in a Kia; Randy took a trip to Florida; metric fun?; how much do Sara’s breasts weigh?; voicemails; Ray’s breast milk and more! Don’t miss what may be one of the greatest episodes ever produced by Rich Dickman!

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Sara’s Sexpert Articles

Check out Not For Human Consumption!

Check out Cody on Roast Mortem Cast!

And check out the UNCENSORED Non-Porn Porno with Sara Star!

Episode 149 – The Idea Episode

Sometimes you start an episode without a direction and when you get to the end you realize the direction was the drunken friends you made along the way. What entails eating the rich; Randy’s ideas; Haircuts; Looking Handsome; Voicemails – leaving and receiving; male kegels; scam calls; video ideas; TWYD; more ideas; Dogs; Ray’s construction game; Ray had a police run-in; Randy is going to wrestling; and so much more! The episode before the BIG ONE. Don’t miss it!

Episode 148 – Rem Dickman Meal

Hey everyone! It’s Episode 148 and we’ll tell you all about the Rem Dickman Meal! But first, Rem’s friend Mike gave himself a haircut; role play returns!; kids are terrible judges; video content; Why The Beastie Boys Suck And How I Learned To Accept It; rules of fighting; Old people and the DMV; Men, we don’t need your dicks or your advice; TWYD; Voicemails; and a quick visit from Adam from Houston! All that and so much more so get the hell in there!

Episode 147 – Trainwreck

Oh hi there. Not much going on here except KAYLA KLEEVAGE! Get into Episode 147 for our exclusive interview with the Adult Legend herself! Rem explains the trainwreck that happened on his end; Interrupting; a dog birthday party; complaining about co-hosts; cool CA school lunches; voicemails; TWYD; and of course, our interview with Ms. Kleevage. Ray talks to her about performing in the pandemic and Rem dives into her history in the business. Don’t miss this one!

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