Episode 90 – Abandoned

Episode 90 – Abandoned

What’s up guys! Jake Williams from Bright Sun Films joins Rem and Ray this week to talk about his Abandoned series, where it all started, where he’s going, and a big announcement for what’s ahead. Rem talks The Problem With Dunkin; Ray makes a new intro; Banana Bread At Work; Rem cuts a promo on Randy in defense of Ray; Birds wearing sombreros; using dog urine to pass a drug test; and expanding the business empire! All that and more on this fantastic episode!

Bright Sun Films

Bright Sun Films YouTube

Episode 89 – AVN Season

Episode 89 – AVN Season

On Episode 89 of TRDS, Rem and Ray get tag teamed by Jessica Lust and Sara Star. Jessica enters first (27:30) and discusses the upcoming AVN Awards & categories, role plays with Rem and gives insight into some fascinating fetishes; Sara tags in (1:47:05) and also role plays, talks proper eyewear during shooting, and spices it up by helping the guys discover their porn names!

Also with Dick of the Week, Randy calls in, The Problem With Canada, and Mr Porno Man!

Jessica Lust

Sara Star

Episode 88 – Hot Dog Water

Episode 88 – Hot Dog Water

You don’t want to miss Episode 88 of TRDS! This week, Rem and Ray are joined by the amazing Isaac and incredible Elisa Mae, where we learn about unique dentist and dad fetishes (DILFs?); we’ve masturbated to weirder things than you- and prove it; how to combat groupies and unsolicited pics; a heartfelt and convincing argument regarding the future of porn; sexy improv; and more sexy improv.


Elisa Mae!


DOTW Driver

Episode 87 – I’d Kick Santa’s Ass

Episode 87 – I’d Kick Santa’s Ass

Ray got sick so Rem overcompensates with his Christmas gift of bourbon! Rem fires a guy on Christmas Eve; Christmas is terrible; Rem does a deep dive on Home Alone; Rem tells you why Rise of Skywalker is really good; Rem hits on Ray’s wife; Svenson questions representation in film; Bad Drivers; Dylan from NFHC wants to have sex with old men; Dick of the Week; Santa porn review; Rem ogle’s Ray’s wife some more; a quick discussion on popcorn and so much more!

Episode 86 – Dueling Cohosts

Episode 86 – Dueling Cohosts

Fine young man, Spaghetti, joins Rem and Ray on this weeks episode! They talk The Problem With Star Wars; Spoilers; Elf on the Shelf; Roblox; growing up in modern times with the internet; how sharing porn differs today than from 1995; Dick of the Week; Dick Tips; and spoiling NFHC. All that and more on this weeks fun episode!

Episode 85 – Tornados On Meth

Episode 85 – Tornados On Meth

It’s Episode 85 and the bourbon hits hard. Rem and Ray talk end of life options for Buster; dogs on weed; the problem with legalization; litter boxes; how to see Frozen 2; flirting at the eye doctor; Ray’s birthday; voicemails; Bugle’s; Dick of the Week; Eating Habits; euthanizing the wrong dog; package thieves; and the most disturbing Mr Porno Man submission ever!

It’s a jam packed episode that you won’t want to miss and will need to share with your friends!

Mr Porno Man’s Most Disturbing Submission

The UPS Package Thief

Euthanizing The Wrong Dog

Episode 84 – Breastmilk Cheese

Episode 84 – Breastmilk Cheese

It’s Episode 84 and to celebrate Dave from Not For Human Consumption joins the show! We get a little behind the scenes with Dave and he opens up about his very wholesome real life! We learn how to put up with kids, talk some Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian, and Dave participates in our regular weekly segments! Ray talks breastmilk, a personal message to Svenson, Peloton, Dick of the Week, Huell memories and more!

Check out Not For Human Consumption!

Episode 82 – Entrance Music

Episode 82 – Entrance Music

Are you a music fan? Are you a wrestling fan? A fan of both? Then this episode is for you! Tom from Roast Mortem Cast joins Rem and Ray to talk about his time making music for WWE. They break down the process, the limitations, and the behind the scenes to what goes in to a wrestlers entrance theme – truly for the music nerds out there! Also there’s discussion on road rage; getting old; what the best part of a song is; emails; Dick of the Week; Ok Boomer; Motza; and Rem apologies to Blizzard fans!

Check out Tom and his Podcasts!

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